Unveiling Player Insights: A Novel Machine Learning Approach to Understanding Gaming Behavior

In the ever-evolving cellular gaming world, delivering a very personalised and fascinating expertise has turn out to be an necessary goal. However, conventional strategies of understanding participant conduct, reminiscent of surveys and... Read more »

Sea-surface pCO2 maps for the Bay of Bengal based on advanced machine learning algorithms

Friedlingstein, P. et al. Global carbon finances 2020. Earth System Science Data 12, 3269–3340 (2020).Article  ADS  Google Scholar  Friedlingstein, P. et al. Global carbon finances 2021. Earth System Science Data Discussions 1–191... Read more »

Video Highlights: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Maximizing Profits — with Prof. Barrett Thomas

In this video presentation, our good pal Jon Krohn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist on the machine studying firm Nebula, is joined by Dr. Barrett Thomas, an esteemed Research Professor in on the University of... Read more »

Machine Learning Could Bridge The Reality Gap in Quantum Devices

Insider Brief Researchers report they could have discovered a solution to shut the ‘actuality hole’: the “loopy golf-like” distinction between predicted and noticed habits from quantum units. A “physics-informed” machine studying method... Read more »

Applied Machine Learning Certificate Boosts Data Science Careers

Effective knowledge evaluation could make all of the distinction for an organization’s effectivity. Advances in machine studying (ML) have helped knowledge scientists harness the ability of synthetic intelligence (AI) and take their... Read more »

How Israel used AI tool, Lavender during 2021 Gaza offensive

Amid latest reviews of the Israeli navy utilizing a synthetic intelligence-powered instrument, referred to as Lavender, to determine bombing targets in Gaza, a year-old video has surfaced on social media through which... Read more »

Bioinformatics, Machine Learning Reveal New Insights Into MG-Associated DCM

Findings from a current examine supply new perception into the coexistence of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and myasthenia gravis (MG), 2 circumstances which have just lately been recognized as having a possible affiliation,... Read more »

AI In Cancer Detection – Improving Diagnosis Through Machine Learning 

Key Takeaways Detecting most cancers is a perfect medical use case for machine studying. AI instruments that may display sufferers for liver and breast most cancers are already in use. Going ahead,... Read more »

New Tools to Help Protect Against Sextortion and Intimate Image Abuse

Financial sextortion is a horrific crime. We’ve spent years working carefully with consultants, together with these skilled in preventing these crimes, to perceive the techniques scammers use to discover and extort victims... Read more »

Rock Permeability-Microquake Link Boosts Geothermal Energy

Using machine studying, researchers at Penn State have tied low-magnitude microearthquakes to the permeability of subsurface rocks beneath the Earth, a discovery that would have implications for bettering geothermal power switch.Generating geothermal... Read more »