Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) | Prem Bhalerao | Medium

Understanding the fundamentals:Differentiating between AI and MLExploring various kinds of AI (e.g., slim AI, basic AI)Demystifying ML algorithms and how they workExploring present purposes:Discussing the impression of AI/ML in numerous sectors like healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainmentShowcasing particular examples of profitable AI/ML solutionsExamining moral concerns and challenges surrounding AI/ML useLooking in direction of the long run:Discussing potential breakthroughs and developments in AI/MLSpeculating on the long-term implications of AI/ML for societyExploring potential profession paths on this fieldAdditionally, in case you have any particular questions or areas of concern inside AI/ML, be happy to ask! I’m right here to give you insightful info and spark your curiosity about this ever-evolving area.Let me know your most popular route, and I’ll tailor my response to delve deeper into the thrilling world of AI and ML!By Prem BhaleraoPrem Bhalerao

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