AI Developments from January 15 to January 21, 2024 | by AIToolsToday | Jan, 2024

AI Tools, Artificial Intelligence, AGI, Automation, GPT4, OpenAI, Prompt EngineerMicrosoft Copilot, Sam Altmans Thoughts, Mark Zuckerberg on AGI and extra!Another week stuffed with AI developments. I don’t suppose I’ve to say it anymore, however quite a bit occurred.😂 I used to be actually questioning how lengthy it would take till we “take off” the curve, till we actually discover the exponential developments in broad society.All photographs (*15*) with Dalle 3 — Learn AI Prompting & extra ▶ right here.Many say we’re already on this exponential curve the place the deep impactful stuff is going on, like Dominos falling and referring to the subsequent larger domino. I might say sure and no, as a result of the developments now we have now might be nothing in contrast to what we see in just some months / years.So have enjoyable studying! I hope you get pleasure from this week’s version!Date: January 15, 2024Summary: Microsoft introduced the launch of Copilot GPT-4 Turbo, a extremely superior AI mannequin. This new iteration of GPT-4 is designed to present much more refined AI capabilities, enhancing productiveness and creativity throughout varied purposes.Date: January 18, 2024Summary: Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 Ultra, geared up with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Gen 3 Mobile Platform optimized for AI processing. This new line of smartphones showcases vital developments in AI capabilities, providing enhanced person experiences​​.

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