Buffs And Nerfs For D.Va, Sombra, Mei, Ana, Illari, Zenyatta And Others

D.Va simply acquired some robust buffs in Overwatch 2.Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard has simply dropped a major Overwatch 2 patch. Not solely is it going to get you prepared for the Le Sserafim occasion that begins tomorrow, it has a ton of stability adjustments, bug fixes and different updates.

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There’s a particular focus for the stability adjustments. “This stability patch is basically centered on widening the window of time gamers have throughout fight between some impactful cooldowns, similar to Bastion’s reconfigure, Cassidy’s grenade and most of the help utilities,” Team 4 stated. Basically, Blizzard is tuning down some crowd management and different skills.

I’ll at all times be a bit mad about any Mei or Ana nerfs, and each of these heroes will probably be a bit much less impactful for the foreseeable future. I’m blissful in regards to the D.Va adjustments, since these will make her a extra viable as a dive tank. The Illari nerfs are in all probability mandatory too. I don’t know that Sombra wanted one other buff although.

The Zenyatta adjustments may be essentially the most impactful. Not with the ability to reapply the Discord Orb to the identical goal for seven seconds ought to drive Zen gamers to be extra considered about using the power. And hey, perhaps it’ll drive groups to really concentrate on an enemy who has been discorded.

There are a number of different attention-grabbing updates right here. I haven’t performed Overwatch 2 on console since launch, so maybe these rumble updates will make higher use of the PS5’s DualSense controller. I’ll have to test that out.

Turning off match textual content chat for brand new gamers looks like a good suggestion too. That ought to assist scale back some toxicity.
Here are the complete Overwatch 2 patch notes for October 31, together with Blizzard’s developer feedback:

Le Sserafim Limited Time Event
Overwatch 2 is teaming up with Okay-pop sensation Le Sserafim in an in-game music collaboration. Play Concert Clash, a 3v3 capture-the-flag mode set in a Okay-pop themed Busan. Play as D.Va, Kiriko, Tracer, Brigitte and Sombra — decked out in Le Sserafim-inspired skins — and compete over tickets and seize aims to show them in and rating factors. This limited-time occasion begins on Wednesday, November 1, at 11AM PDT.
General Updates
Endorsement degree decay has been reworked to be extra forgiving in some circumstances. The endorsement degree at all times decays barely everytime you end a match, however that decay is now decreased by the share of gamers who couldn’t have endorsed you. If not one of the gamers within the match may have endorsed you, your Endorsement degree wouldn’t decay. The following causes forestall different gamers from endorsing you:

The participant is your good friend.
The participant endorsed you throughout the previous 24 hours.

Endorsement degree decay additionally now not happens when a server shuts down. The commonest purpose for it is a aggressive match shutting down when gamers go away the match early.
Added Legendary, Mythic and Ultimate Player Title challenges to every hero’s development challenges.

Victory Pose now reveals your Progression Level as an alternative of the Hero Level.

Developer Comments: The hero you finish the match on is not essentially consultant of you as a participant. This change is meant to raised exhibit your total development.
Social Features

The default possibility for match textual content chat is now set to OFF (beforehand set to ON) for brand new gamers. This could be modified within the Social Options.
The default possibility for workforce voice chat is now set to ON (beforehand set to AUTO-JOIN) for brand new gamers. This could be modified within the Social Options.
Current textual content or voice chat settings for current gamers will not be modified.

Developer Comments: We will likely be altering the defaults for each textual content and voice chat to encourage efficient communication by way of the ping system whereas decreasing the prospect of encountering disruptive chat within the sport.
Tank Updates
Developer Comments: The added projectile velocity to Micro Missiles helps enhance their consistency at medium vary whereas the decreased motion velocity penalty on Fusion Cannons allow D.Va to stay nearer to cell targets, making her extra of a risk when diving into the enemy workforce.
Fusion Cannons

Movement velocity penalty decreased from 40 to 30%.

Micro Missiles

Projectile velocity elevated from 40 to 50.

Developer Comments: This change will give the shocked participant extra alternatives to react to Doomfist following a wall stun.
Rocket Punch

Minimum wall stun length decreased from 0.25 to 0.15 seconds.
Maximum wall stun length decreased from 0.75 to 0.6 seconds.

Developer Comments: Increasing the vary of the alternate fireplace will give Winston some extra flexibility in positioning whereas dealing injury from vary.
Tesla Cannon

Secondary fireplace vary elevated from 30 to 40 meters.

Damage Updates
Configuration: Assault

Cooldown elevated from 10 to 12 seconds.
Weapon unfold elevated 10%.

Magnetic Grenade

Cooldown elevated from 10 to 12 seconds.

Developer Comments: With among the current adjustments, Mei is now barely overperforming. Her improved major fireplace injury output is sweet for her position, so fairly than modify that additional, we’re as an alternative concentrating on the extra generally irritating crowd management facet of its slowing impact.
Endothermic Blaster

Slow impact decreased from 40 to 30%.


Ultimate price decreased 10%.

Developer Comments: With Symmetra just lately gaining extra lethality in her long-ranged secondary fireplace, she’s now not as reliant on enjoying at shut vary, so we’re reverting her whole well being again to 200.

Base protect well being decreased from 125 to 100 (whole 200 HP).

Developer Comments: Infra-Sight is taking a very long time to cost on common relative to different final skills so we’re decreasing the price. Widowmaker can also be at a extra extreme drawback in opposition to Sombra with the current rework and these adjustments will add extra counterplay.
Widow’s Kiss

Unscoped pictures to succeed in most unfold elevated from 3 to 7.


Ultimate price decreased 10%.

Support Updates
Biotic Grenade

Cooldown elevated from 10 to 12 seconds.

Immortality Field

Health decreased from 150 to 125.
Cooldown elevated from 23 to 25 seconds.

Developer Comments: Illari’s total injury output all through a match is simply too excessive so we’re decreasing how constant her Solar Rifle injury is to use. Her weapon has another disadvantages similar to needing to cost up and a decreased important injury multiplier, however we’ll be evaluating how a lot of an impact this modification has together with the decreased Healing Pylon uptime.
Solar Rifle

Primary fireplace projectile dimension decreased from 0.1 to 0.05 meters.

Healing Pylon

Base well being decreased from 75 to 50 (whole 100 HP).
Cooldown when destroyed elevated from 12 to fifteen seconds.

Protection Suzu

Cooldown elevated from 14 to fifteen seconds.

Developer Comments: Lifeweaver’s whole therapeutic over a match is considerably increased than some other hero so to assist deliver it extra in line we’re making some changes to his major Healing Blossom.
Healing Blossom

Ammo decreased from 20 to 16.
Max heal decreased from 75 to 70.

Life Grip

Cooldown elevated from 16 to 19 seconds.

Developer Comments: The purpose of those adjustments is so as to add extra counterplay in opposition to Discord Orb and encourage Zenyatta gamers to assume extra about who to position it on. Now, if the impact ends for any purpose, the goal is quickly unable to be focused once more by Discord Orb. A brand new soft-targeting reticle seems when aiming towards an enemy participant that can’t be affected by Discord Orb to show the remaining length earlier than it may be reapplied. This is a major change each to how the power feels to make use of and the way clear it’s to know, so we will likely be maintaining a detailed eye on participant suggestions.
Base well being elevated from 50 to 75 (whole 225 HP).
Harmony Orb

Time to put on off when not in line-of-sight elevated from 3 to five seconds.

Orb of Discord

Can now not be reapplied to the identical goal for 7 seconds after the impact has been eliminated.
Range elevated from 30 to 40 meters.

Hero Custom Control Updates
In addition to the hero stability changes on this replace, we’re implementing further quality-of-life settings and extra enter choices for a number of hero skills to provide the potential to custom-tailor your expertise of enjoying your favourite heroes.

Sorted many Hero-Specific Options into Advanced Hero Options class.

Added the Hero-Specific Options:

Relative Aim Sensitivity During Power Block – 100% by default.
Relative Gyro Aim Sensitivity During Power Block – 100% by default (Only accessible on gyro-supported platforms).

Added the Hero-Specific Option:

Rise During Gravitic Flux With Ability 3 – Off by default.

Added the Hero-Specific Options:

Crouch Activates Glide – Off by default.
Rise During Flight With Ability 1 – Off by default.
Flight Cancel Input – Ability 1 by default.
Automatically Toggle Glide After Flight – Off by default.

Added the Hero-Specific Option:

Interact Cancels Deploy Turret – On by default.

Added the Hero-Specific Option:

Rise During Captive Sun With Ability 3 – Off by default.

Added the Hero-Specific Options:

Automatically Wall Ride – Off by default, Only accessible on Console Platforms.
Wall Ride Cares About Movement – Off by default.

Added the Hero-Specific Options:

Crouch Activates Glide – On by default.
Automatically Toggle Angelic Decent After Guardian Angel – Off by default.
Rise During Valkyrie With Ability 3 – Off by default.

Rumble Updates
We’ve gone by way of and adjusted the Rumble and Trigger Feedback on a number of skills for controllers. We regarded to make the rumble extra dynamic and responsive whereas additionally highlighting the distinctive really feel of many skills.

Reworked Rumble on Primary Fire.
Added rumble on activation of Defense Matrix.
Adjusted set off suggestions on Defense Matrix to account for injury of destroyed projectile.
Added rumble on projectile destruction for Defense Matrix.
Added rumble on Self-Destruct activation.
Added set off suggestions on Boosters.
Added rumble on Call Mech begin.
Adjusted rumble on Call Mech.
Added rumble on Call Mech hit.
Added rumble on getting into the Mech after Call Mech.


Added rumble on begin of Power Block.
Added rumble on Fist Empowerment.


Fusion Driver rumble now scales barely with Heat.
Added rumble on Overheat.
Added rumble on Javelin Spin begin.
Added rumble on Javelin Spin length.
Added rumble on Javelin Spin damaging an enemy.
Added rumble on Javelin Spin finish.
Added rumble on Terra Surge begin.
Added rumble on Terra Surge cost
Added rumble on Terra Surge activation.


Increase rumble energy and length on Pummel.
Added rumble on Block activation.


Added rumble on Barrier activation.


Added rumble on Chain Hook activation.
Added set off suggestions on Chain Hook activation.
Added set off suggestions on Chain Hook influence.
Added set off suggestions on Chain Hook retraction.


Added rumble on Accreation fireplace.
Added rumble on Kinetic Grasp length.
Added rumble on Kinetic Grasp take in.
Added rumble on Kinetic Grasp Overhealth acquire.
Added rumble on Gravitic Flux intro.
Added rumble on Gravitic Flux trying to find targets.
Added rumble on Gravitic Flux discovered targets.
Added rumble on Gravitic Flux holding targets.
Adjusted rumble on Gravitic Flux slam.


Added rumble on Jump Pack activation.
Added rumble on Secondary Fire launch.
Added rumble on Barrier Projector Activation.
Reworked rumble on Winston’s Primal Rage punch.
Added set off suggestions on Winston’s Primal Rage punch hit.
Wrecking Ball
Added rumble on Roll exit.
Adjusted the rumble on Piledriver influence.


Added rumble on Particle Barrier.
Added rumble on Barrier Deploy.
Added rumble on Particle Barrier finish.
Increased the rumble energy on Particle Beam whereas concentrating on an enemy.


Added rumble on Dynamite.
Added rumble on B.O.B. name.
Added rumble on B.O.B. touchdown.


Added rumble on Magnetic Grenade.
Added rumble on Deadeye begin.


Added rumble throughout Dash.
Added rumble on Dash dealing injury.
Added rumble on Deflect begin.
Added rumble on Deflect deflection.
Reworked rumble on Dragonblade swing.
Added Trigger Feedback on Dragonblade swing hit.
Added rumble on Wall Climb.
Added rumble on Ledge Climb.
Added rumble on Double Jump.


Added set off suggestions on Bow cost.
Reduced rumble length on charging arrow to match cost time.
Reduced rumble on holding arrow.
Reduced rumble on arrow fireplace throughout Storm Arrows.
Added rumble on Lunge.
Added rumble on Dragonstrike fireplace.
Added rumble on Wall Climb.
Added rumble on Ledge Climb.
Added rumble on Sonic Arrow Equip.


Adjusted RIP-tire rumble.
Reduced rumble on Concussive Mine when not hitting self.
Increased rumble on Concussive Mine when hitting self.
Added rumble on Concussive Mine fireplace.
Added rumble on Steel Trap fireplace.


Added rumble on Blizzard fireplace.
Added rumble on Ice Wall begin.
Added rumble on Ice Wall destroy.


Increased Rumble on Primary Fire.
Added rumble on hitting your self with Concussive Blast.


Swapped the Left and Right Primary Fire rumble.
Increased the rumble on the Left Primary Fire.
Added rumble on Wraith Form activation.
Added rumble on Wraith kind ending.
Adjusted Shadowstep’s set off suggestions for participant’s enter settings.
Added rumble on Shadowstep begin.


Increased rumble on Primary Fire.
Adjusted rumble on Secondary Fire.
Added distinctive rumble on Secondary Fire pictures charged above 90.
Added rumble on Power Slide bounce.

Soldier: 76

Adjusted rumble on Helix Rockets.
Added rumble on Sprint begin.
Added rumble on Spring length.
Added rumble on Tactical Visor begin.


Added rumble on all three ranges of Primary Fire on miss.
Added rumble on shifting from degree 3 to degree 2.
Added rumble on shifting from degree 2 to degree 1.
Added rumble on Teleporter begin.
Added rumble on Teleporter destroy.
Added rumble on Photon Barrier begin.
Lengthened rumble on Photon Barrier fireplace.
Added rumble on utilizing the teleporter (as any character).


Added rumble on Turret Deploy.
Added rumble on Turret Destroy.


Added rumble on Infra-sights.


Reworked Exo-boots maintain rumble.
Shortened Exo-boots charging-up rumble.
Added rumble on Amplification Matrix Start.


Reworked Brigitte’s Primary Fire rumble.
Added rumble on Shield Barrier activation.


Added rumble on Healing Pylon destroy.


Reworked Healing Ofuda rumble.
Adjusted Healing Ofuda rumble to answer buying targets.
Added rumble on Wall Climb.
Added rumble on Ledge Climb.


Reworked Rumble on Rejuvenating Dash to be directional.
Added rumble on Tree of Life begin.
Added rumble on Tree of Life destroy.


Added rumble on Amp It Up.
Added rumble on Crossfade.
Added rumble on Wall Ride begin.
Added rumble on Wall Ride journey.
Added rumble on Wall Ride bounce.
Added rumble on Sound Barrier begin.
Added rumble on Sound Barrier.
Reworked rumble on Sound Barrier Fire.


Added set off suggestions on Caduceus Staff Secondary Fire.
Added set off suggestions on Caduceus Blaster.
Added rumble on Valkyrie intro.


Reduced rumble on Secondary Fire.


Added rumble on Healing Orb.
Added rumble on Discord Orb.

General Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem within the Training Grounds the place the Heavy Training Bot’s Shield was enjoying the wrong influence impact.
Adjusted the areas within the coaching grounds wherein the default Training Bot’s weapon fireplace could be heard. This ought to present content material creators some further quiet areas for capturing their media.

Hero Mastery

Fixed a bug that might lead to a perpetual black display screen when you died to enemy injury after a course restart.
Resolved a problem that resulted in no Hero icon being proven within the Results display screen throughout a Replay.
Resolved a bug that might lead to ‘New Personal Best’ being displayed for any rating.
Fixed a bug that might happen on some platforms that brought on the Kill Feed and HUD to fade if Try Again was chosen.
Resolved a problem for Mercy that resulted in Healing not being displayed within the Scoring Details.

Other Fixes

Fixed a bug that may disband your group when you chosen ‘Leave as Group’ in a Competitive match.
Fixed a bug within the Hero Gallery that may trigger the UI to spotlight one other beauty after equipping one.
Fixed a problem that brought on the achievement ‘The Friend Zone’ to not unlock on some platforms regardless of necessities being met.
Fixed a problem that resulted in enemy workforce Roles being revealed through the scoreboard in Mystery Heroes.
Fixed a bug that prevented some Player Icons from being geared up.
Fixed a bug that prevented ‘Random From Favorites’ from working throughout Hero Select.
Fixed a bug with AI bots choosing heroes excluded within the Custom Game Settings which might lead to empty slots within the match.

Map Bug Fixes
Antarctic Peninsula

Fixed some areas of the map that might get gamers caught.

New Junk City

Moved some setting property from floating in one of many spawn rooms.

Route 66

Fixed an space of the map that allowed gamers to face outdoors the supposed playable house.


Fixed some areas that had gaps that brought on unintended sight traces.
Fixed some areas that allowed gamers to face in unintended areas.
Fixed some areas of the map that allowed turrets to be positioned outdoors the playable house however nonetheless assault enemies.
Fixed some areas of that map that might get gamers caught.
Fixed lighting in some areas of the map.

Hero Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that resulted within the ‘Daybreak’ pores and skin displaying twice within the Skin Selection whereas in pre-game Hero Select.
Resolved a problem with Healing Pylon that might lead to gamers launching out of it.


Fixed a bug that prevented Petal Platform from falling when Hacked.


Fixed a bug with the Hermes pores and skin that brought on the sounds performed throughout Wallride to be louder than supposed.


Fixed an interplay with Sombra that prevented Mercy’s beams not correctly fading out when utilized to a Stealth Sombra.


Fixed a bug with the ‘Be Beautiful’ Highlight Intro not displaying the window behind Moira on all platforms.


Fixed in a earlier replace – Resolved a problem that brought on Sombra to look untextured after interacting with Random from Favorites.


Fixed a problem the place typically Orbs of Discord and Harmony wouldn’t keep connected to the goal.

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