Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 Update Patch Notes

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed has been round since final 12 months and was met with loads of pleasure from the neighborhood. If you just like the Ghostbusters sequence, Spirits Unleashed stands out as the one. The asymmetrical multiplayer sport will obtain a brand new replace within the coming days, bringing a number of fixes and enhancements. So, take a look at the Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed 1.10 replace patch notes beneath.
Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 Update Patch Notes

These fixes embrace a change that ought to (hopefully) repair the issue wherein gamers have been being positioned into the wrong workforce, inflicting a number of completely different matchmaking points. If you’re nonetheless encountering any of the problems listed beneath, please tell us within the bug-reports channel in order that we are able to diagnose the difficulty as quickly as potential.
There are many extra modifications, fixes, and new content material on the best way within the upcoming patch, so look ahead to it!
• Various crash fixes.• Addressed a problem that was generally inflicting an incorrect quantity of gamers to spawn on every workforce.• Addressed a problem the place the Ghost might generally turn into invisible after possessing an object.• Fixed a problem that was inflicting incorrect textual content to show when destroying the ultimate rift.• Fixed a problem the place Winky’s textures weren’t displaying correctly after rising the Tenure stage.• Fixed a problem the place the accolades, such because the toaster, weren’t showing within the Firehouse.
As seen above, the most recent Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed replace isn’t in depth however as an alternative focuses on just a few fixes. By the best way, should you missed the modifications that got here with the earlier model, launched some time in the past, you’ll be able to take a look at its patch notes beneath.
Name Tags

A brand new sort of beauty has arrived within the Firehouse!
Head over to the Customization Lockers to strive on the brand new Name Tags to your Buster’s jumpsuit!
Name tags are available quite a lot of completely different preset names and will be unlocked by leveling up or finishing contracts.

Keyboard and Controller Remapping

Custom gamepad and keyboard remapping at the moment are accessible in your settings menu!
Remap your controllers, keyboards, and mice with separate settings for Ghosts and Ghostbusters.


Various crash fixes
Improvements to efficiency and stability
Made enhancements and fixes to lighting on a number of maps
Players can now choose their most well-liked workforce between matches (in the course of the AAR)
Personal XP for gained for finishing each day, weekly, and contract challenges now seems within the AAR
The default choice for the Preferred Team is now primarily based on if the participant queues from the Ghost Realm or Firehouse
Access to the Research Contract menu lowered to Level 5
Research Contract’s menu now not closes when activating a contract
Made enhancements to the alley manner observe vary to higher mirror real-match situations
Fixed a bug the place the participant’s stage would generally not replace instantly after leaving a match
Fixed a bug the place sure cinematics precipitated the Firehouse to have the wrong skybox
Fixed a bug the place utilizing the Emote Wheel whereas interacting with an NPC might trigger the interplay widget to turn into caught
Fixed a bug that precipitated the Emote Wheel to persist on the display if opened proper earlier than the match ends
Fixed a bug that incorrectly confirmed the EXP bar leveling up previous the utmost stage within the after motion report
Fixed a bug the place the constructing hang-out stage bar would reappear in the course of the Final Countdown
Fixed a bug the place sure objects would seem to have a number of well being bars
Fixed a bug the place the AI bots wouldn’t at all times substitute a participant that has left the sport
Fixed a bug the place the Civilians would generally face the fallacious route in the course of the calming minigame
Fixed a bug the place NPC dialogues have been unskippable
Fixed a bug the place interrupting the calming minigame might trigger the Buster to turn into caught with diminished motion velocity
Fixed a number of subtitle points that occurred throughout Firehouse conversations and cinematics
Fixed a number of UI points for sure languages
Fixed a bug the place the Emote Menu might get caught on the display after getting into the Ghost Realm
Fixed a bug the place consumer gamers would see the wrong Job chosen after spherical biking
Fixed a bug the place consumer gamers might seem with the wrong ghost tint within the Ghost Realm
Fixed a bug the place Tobin’s Spirit Guide would generally not seem for consumer gamers

Contracts/Challenges/Trophies – Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 Update Patch Notes
Fixed a number of points that have been inflicting development to not monitor correctly with the next contracts/challenges/trophies:

We Have The Best Insurance
Ghost Expert
Clever Ghost
Thought You Could Hide
The Legend (Sprint)
Tobin’s Apprentice (Location’s Haunted)
Out of Nowhere (Scare)
The Expert (Tethers)
Teamwork (Rifts)
Cryogenic Isolator
R.T.V. Kit Research Contract


Increased Stamina consumption when sprinting because the Buster
Increased Buster’s self revive velocity
Made varied enhancements to the AI Busters
AI Busters will now spawn in on the map entrance as an alternative of the place the participant was situated once they left the match
Partial tethers now not grant progress to challenges that require tethering
Fixed a bug the place failing the calming minigame would trigger a delay in re-equipping the Particle Thrower
Fixed a bug the place the assist meter would generally present the wrong worth
Fixed a bug the place the Buster would achieve XP for his or her presently outfitted gear as an alternative of the ghost entice when destroying minions with the entice
Fixed a bug the place getting slimed whereas utilizing an emote might break the Buster’s digital camera
Fixed a bug the place the Particle Thrower might turn into unresponsive if the participant switches the Particle Thrower after activating the Ghost Trap
Fixed a bug the place the Neural Emitter attachment VFX and SFX weren’t activating
Fixed a bug the place the R.T.V. entice might trigger the participant’s inputs to turn into quickly unresponsive
Fixed a bug with the “Gadget After Trap Throw” settings not working correctly with the P.Ok.E.
Fixed a bug the place the Particle Thrower would proceed to fireplace when switching to the scoreboard and venting your pack
Fixed a bug the place toggling the Ecto Goggles would break trigger the gear-equipping animation to not show correctly
Fixed a bug the place the V.A.D. would keep outfitted after canceling the grapple
Fixed a bug the place AI Busters would generally turn into unresponsive when close to a Ghost
Fixed a bug the place the Particle Thrower beam was auto-aiming onto objects possessed by the Ghost that have been stationary
Fixed a bug the place Busters might use the V.A.D. whereas not aiming at an anchor level in sure areas
Fixed a bug the place Buster’s display results throughout standing results have been being eliminated earlier than the standing impact period was over

P.Ok.E. Meter

Increased recharge time from P.Ok.E. blast
Increased P.Ok.E. blast cost period
Reduced P.Ok.E. blast stun period
Increased P.Ok.E. sign radius for haunted objects
Reduced the Ghost’s most P.Ok.E. sign radius

Radar Puck

Increased Radar Puck detection distance

Ecto Goggles – Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 Update

Added rechargeable battery
Increased peripheral materials impact
Fixed a bug the place the Ecto Goggles SFX persists when returning to Firehouse


The Ghost tether and entice QTE minigame now has random buttons/keys which might be used to interrupt out of the minigame
Ghosts will now exit Ectovision when utilizing a capability
Ghost skills which might be canceled from P.Ok.E. stuns or tethering at the moment are given a cool-down refund
Ghost final skills which might be interrupted on account of being tethered will now trigger the final word to have a diminished cooldown timer
Reduced the quantity of slime added to the Busters when Phasing by them because the Ghost
Reduced the velocity penalty when surprised as a Ghost
Busters at the moment are extra seen in Ectovision at greater worry ranges
Busters and Civilians now have separate visibility thresholds in Ectovision
Increased Civilian visibility distance in Ectovision
Made changes to the Ghost stun animations to higher mirror the respective stun durations
Made changes to the Ghost minion spawning animation timings to make the minion spawn timings are extra constant
Fixed a bug that precipitated the Ghost’s P.Ok.E. to empty when possessing an object whereas dash
Fixed a bug the place the Ghost could be unable to own sure objects whereas already possessing an object
Fixed a bug the place the “Possess” immediate would seem on possessable objects that have been out of vary
Fixed a bug the place possessing a haunted object that’s floating close to the ceiling might trigger the ghost to turn into caught
Fixed bug the place tethered Ghost wrestle animation was interrupted by activating an emote
Fixed a bug the place the Ghost wrestle animation wouldn’t seem correctly when being tethered whereas utilizing an emote
Fixed bug the place sure Ghost skills wouldn’t trigger the Ghosts to drop Ghost Traps and Rifts
Fixed a problem the place the Ectovision SFX was not correctly taking part in when activated whereas possessing an object
Fixed a problem the place the Sabotage Pack immediate would generally not present correctly
Added messaging to distinguish when a rift is detonated versus it being destroyed
Added messaging to indicated when the Ghost doesn’t have sufficient power to Haunt or Sabotage

Rifts – Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 Update

Increased most well being of Rifts
Increased fracture harm multiplier for Rifts
Increased well being regen of Rifts
Increased the quantity of Room Haunt gained when detonating a Rift
The “Extract Rift” immediate now not shows as an choice whereas the ghost is possessing an object


Reduced cooldown to minion assaults
Increased slime and worry brought on by minion assaults
Made enhancements to Minion AI
Fixed a bug that precipitated minions transfer sideways and flip the other way up when hit by the Particle Thrower beam

Poltergeist – Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 Update

Reduced radius and velocity of Toxie’s ‘Shock Pillar’ pulses
Fixed a bug that precipitated Toxie’s Shock Pillar activation animation to play when canceling the power
Lowered motion velocity penalty whereas utilizing Gnasher’s ‘Arc Cast’ capability
Increased cooldown of Gnasher’s ‘Arc Cast’ capability


Added VFX for Howler’s standing impact
Increased cooldown of Shriek’s ‘Scream Wave’ capability
Increased worry brought on by Shriek’s ‘Scream Wave’ capability
Fixed collision inconsistencies on ‘Scream Wave’ projectiles
Reduced cooldown to Bramble’s ‘Floating Seeker’ capability
Reduced well being of the Floating Seeker orb
Reduced explode radius of the Floating Seeker orb
Reduced period of the Floating Seeker orb


Increased cooldown of Squidler’s Throw Object capability
Fixed a bug that was inflicting Squidler’s animations to not show correctly when selecting up massive gadgets
Updated visible results for the next Basher skills: Fist Slam, Windmill, and Spectral Barrage

Ghouly – Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed 1.10 Update Patch Notes

Updated Ghouly animations
Increased Tick Rate of Ghouly’s ‘Fear Inferno’ capability
Reduced value of Drake’s ‘Possess Human’ capability


Increased cooldown of Pokey’s ‘Ecto Torpedo’ capability from 8s to 12s
Reduced most cost time for Brainy’s ‘Glob Throw’ capability
Fixed a problem the place Busters couldn’t see the total animation of Brainy’s ‘Glob Throw’
Increased worry and slime on the preliminary slam for Winky’s ‘Sludge Puddle’
Winky’s ‘Sludge Puddle’ slime now more and more scales the longer a Buster is within the sludge

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is on the market on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the sport’s Discord channel for extra data concerning the most recent patch.

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