Warhammer 40k Darktide Patch Notes

Warhammer 40k Darktide not too long ago uploaded the patch notes for replace 1.0.20, also called The Signal, which is the sport’s first main content material drop.This is Darktide’s first main replace since its launch on the finish of November. These patch notes include the brand new options that got here to the sport, in addition to numerous bug fixes and adjustments. Without additional ado, let’s check out the patch notes for Warhammer 40k Darktide The Signal Update 1.0.20.Warhammer 40k Darktide The Signal Update 1.0.20 Patch NotesContent Drop: The SignalNew map: Comms-Plex 154/2f
Rejects should get to the roof of HL-19-24 Archivum to transmit a message to allies within the ImperiumTwo new weapons
Indignatus Mk IVe Crusher
A two-handed Power Maul for ZealotsAchlys Mk I Power Mail
A one-handed Power Maul for OgrynsPrivate play is now accessible
Reject Strike groups of two to 4 gamers can now set their missions to personal. Empty slots within the get together can have AI Bots as a substitute of gamers filling it in.Refine is now accessible within the Shrine of the Omnissiah
Rejects can select to refine a single perk on their weapon. This locks out different perks.Perks within the merchandise card view will present their Tier via the variety of diamonds subsequent to the perkThe prices change with every Refine actionA new mission situation is now accessible
Hunting Grounds
Rejects should take care of an elevated variety of Pox HoundsBasic/QoL adjustmentsRejects can now use the chat window on all loading screens, in addition to the mission’s outro cinematic. Players now even have entry to a Strike Team chat channel within the Mourningstar if they’re a part of a Strike Team.Rejects at the moment can’t merge Strike Teams on the finish of the mission. The function is briefly unavailable because the builders work on bettering the performance.Rejects can now buy a 2400 Aquilas pack to purchase beauty bundles at face worthRejects can now skip the intro cinematic via an choice within the choices menuPerformance and StabilitySeveral instances of GPU crashes mountedFixed a bug the place shoppers get mismatching participant loadouts from the server, resulting in crashesFixed a bug the place fired projectiles VFX crashes the sport when gamers departFixed a difficulty that might crash the sport at any time when a participant makes use of weapons whereas below assault pace or reload pace buffsFixed numerous unspecified crashesContracts and PenancesResolved a difficulty the place Contract development throughout a mission is misplaced when the mission completes on the finish of the roundDetected a difficulty with the penance “Pick N’ Mix” the place, on some circumstances, the participant doesn’t obtain the penance.LocalizationNew localizations at the moment are accessible for numerous UI textsCombatFixed a difficulty the place Zealot Preacher’s means “Chastise the Wicked” will get interrupted if used whereas being pushed by enemy assaultsFixed points the place the Psyker Psykinetic’s “Inner Tranquility” expertise slowed down quell speedsFixed a bug the place behind hit whereas lugging disabled coherency toughness regen for 100 seconds, or till the participant will get hit againImproved precision good focusing onFixed a bug the place gamers can’t carry out heavy assaults with the Obscurus Mk II Blaze Force Sword whereas sprinting.Fixed challenge the place Zealot Preacher can sprint via enemies if they’re too shut.Fixed challenge the place gamers can’t get some pickups because of being inside collusionEnemiesFixed points the place Pox Hounds launch into the stratosphere to the Emperor’s embraceFixed Traitor Guard helmets and armor that had “IV” as a substitute of “VICharacter CustomizationFixed beauty points, together with clippingResolved challenge the place blind eye choices eliminated the details about the Cadia homeworld restrictionResolved challenge the place the Psyker’s convict higher physique guard for Misplaced Faith would disappear from the stock.Resolved challenge with an Ogryn mustache that will solely seem throughout cutscenes or inside a really quick distanceUI/UXTexture Quality settings now again within the settings menuMesh Quality/LOD distance slider now within the settings menuFixed a bug the place the management stat doesn’t have an effect on stagger period on the ripper gunCrosshairs at the moment are constant for every weapon householdFixed a difficulty with the define of one of many Auspex Scan targets in Hab Dreyko.Adjusted a number of UI and UX options for Weapon Cards.
This consists of hover merchandise inspection, in addition to exhibiting the merchandise stage for curiosNow shows beauty weapon skins and garments as Owned when viewing within the Armory ExchangeOssuary Charm Weapon Trinket is now flipped. It can now be seen within the Trinket preview within the weapon customization panelWeapon traits that want “Multiple Hits” now have clearer descriptionsRejects can now not discard a number of gadgets  by holding down the Discard buttonFixed the taskbar showing when switching to Borderless WindowEngineVarious fixes to GPU hangsVarious fixes to deal with community disconnectsRay Tracing now works on AMD RX 6/7000 graphics cardsVisual glitches round weapons and ranges for AMD graphics card customers mountedFixed crash that generally occurs after viewing a video cutsceneWeaponsVarious weapons stability adjustments. Includes the next weapons:
Locke Mk IIb Spearhead BoltgunMunitorum Mk III Power SwordLucius sample LasgunsM35 Magnacore Mk II Plasma GunZarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub RevolverVraks Mk III & VII and Agripinaa Mk VIII Headhunter AutogunsTurtolsky Mk VI, Mk VII, & Mk IX Heavy SwordsVarious bug fixes to numerous weaponsMissionsMoved Daemonhost spawn level away from the respawn location within the Power Matrix missionTweaked timing and added a number of elites to the top occasion in Enclavum Baross missionFixed the NPC capturing with no gun within the ProloguePlayers can now attain the Penance menu by interacting with a brand new interactable spot within the HUBVarious different mission and map fixesRejects can take a look at the complete checklist of adjustments to see the tweaks finished within the weapons, missions, and maps.That’s all for the Warhammer 40k Darktide The Signal Update 1.0.20 patch notes. If you have an interest in stepping into the sport, you’ll be able to take a look at our Darktide evaluate to see if you’ll like the sport. You may also take a look at our article detailing its gameplay, story, and platforms.  Otherwise, you’ll be able to take a look at our different gaming information articles.


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