How to Quickly Level Up Your Weapons

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 isn’t any stranger to grind. To give you the option to unlock all Attachments and Camos, you’ll want to stage up all 51 Weapon Platforms and Receivers to stage 20. It will take some time when you don’t know the place to begin to grind XP, so listed here are eight ways in which you need to strive if you would like to rapidly stage up your weapons in COD: Modern Warfare 2.
1. Don’t Forget Your Double XP Tokens
Using XP Tokens and Weapon XP Tokens is clearly your finest guess to rapidly stage up each your Military Rank and weapon XP in COD: Modern Warfare 2. Make positive to use it in the meanwhile you begin grinding some farmable sport Modes since their use is proscribed (though you may get extra from Challenges). Owners of the $100 Vault Edition ought to give you the option to redeem 10 hours of double XP and Weapon Experience Tokens, giving them a superb headstart.
2. Complete All Available Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are a great way to grind weapon XP in COD: Modern Warfare 2 since they aren’t that robust. Usually, it’s one thing like killing quite a lot of enemies, getting quite a lot of headshots, etcetera. They dish out 2,500 XP per Challenge, and there are three Challenges you possibly can full per day. There’s additionally the Bonus Challenge that rewards you with 10,000 XP after you’ve accomplished all three normal Dailies.
Keep in thoughts that the Daily and Bonus Challenges for the PvP mode and the co-op Spec Ops mode are separated, so in complete, there are six Dailies and two Bonuses that you are able to do on daily basis.
3. Focus on One or Two Guns First
In the bottom sport alone, there are 51 totally different weapons which you can unlock. So I counsel you don’t waste time making an attempt to stage all of them up in a single go. Make a Class along with your favourite weapon (or a weapon that you just want to unlock a weapon you really need), then keep it up for some time; one thing that works properly as an all-rounder or dependable Overkill secondaries like Lachmann Sub or Fennec 45 is a good choice to grind first.
Then afterward, you may want to make Loadouts for particular map varieties. As an instance, for an open map like Taraq, you may want a Kastov 762 Assault Rifle or Signal 50 Sniper Rifle-based Loadout. While you possibly can grind Shotgun or Submachine Gun in smaller maps like Sariff Bay.
4. Invasion Mode Tips #1 – Farm the Bots

Aside from being environment friendly along with your Loadouts, you may have to even be environment friendly along with your playtime. When you need to grind XP so you possibly can rapidly stage up your weapon, then you may have to play the “correct” sport modes in COD: Modern Warfare 2.
Popular COD YouTuber JGOD recommends the brand new Ground War: Invasion Mode, the place gamers fought on an enormous, open map together with bots. As you possibly can count on, these AI bots are simple targets, and fortunately, killing them may even internet you XP. However, the longer the Invasion match goes, the more durable the bots turn into; they’ll ultimately be armed to the tooth with heavy armor and weapons.
For that motive, you’ll need to farm the Invasion bots within the early sport. Then sneak across the outskirts of the map to search for the place the helicopter drops the AI bots whereas avoiding actual gamers. If it’s potential, additionally use a Class Loadout with a gun you need to grind mixed with Tactical Insertion and Munitions Box to make farming them a lot sooner.
5. Invasion Mode Tips #2 – Use the Suppression Mine Glitch

How to farm Weapon XP FAST in #MWII! (Better clip)
Throw a suppression mine on an enemy NPC tank. They’ll keep within the tank getting suppressed till the mine breaks. Important: You have to get the suppression mine proper contained in the open gap on high to get it to work.
— Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 News (@MW2CODHub) October 31, 2022

As seen within the Twitter clip above, Reddit person u/darkname324 (by way of @MWCODHub) has discovered a fairly fascinating glitch for farming weapon XP quick whereas taking part in Invasion Mode. All you want to do is equip a Suppression Mine Field Upgrade, then set it on high of an enemy tank. A bot that’s driving will probably be caught inside and consistently suppressed, supplying you with round 100 XP per second!
There are two issues surrounding this glitch, although. One, it’s simpler stated than finished. Sneaking across the map and climbing on high of a tank isn’t any cakewalk; you’ll in all probability already be drowned in a sea of lead earlier than even discovering one. And second, since that is an exploitable glitch, there’s an enormous probability that Activision will repair this within the subsequent patch or replace. At that time, they will additionally reset your weapon XP making the entire ordeal ended up being a waste of time.
6. Acquire Ground Superiority in Standard Ground War Mode
Talking about Invasion, the usual Ground War will also be a superb supply of XP. Equip the weapon you need to grind, hop in a tank, after which begin demolishing enemies and capturing targets. You can simply select the place to respawn in Ground War mode, too, so that you may give you the option to rapidly get in one other tank even after you die.
7. Grind XP Through Kill Confirmed Mode

Usually, Objective-based modes give extra XP once you safe an goal. Kill Confirmed, which is mainly Team Deathmatch mixed with scoring from grabbing Dogtags, have the quickest respawn time in contrast to different Objective Modes. You ought to give you the option to farm weapon XP rapidly from every kill and help in addition to safe or deny Dogtags.
8. Hardpoint Gives More Points
Last however not least, one other Objective Mode that you need to strive is Hardpoint. Every 60 seconds, a “hardpoint” space will present up on the map, and staying within the space will give your crew factors. Try finding chokepoints so as to farm some kills whereas securing the hardpoint. And if the realm retains being contested, the timer will cease, supplying you with ample alternative to rack in additional kills.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is on the market for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC by way of Steam and Battle.internet.

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