How to get the M13B ‘Health Hazard’ Weapon Blueprint in DMZ – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The new DMZ mode, launched alongside Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, incorporates a ton of new gameplay mechanics and unique rewards. You can unlock these rewards by finishing the faction missions and different open-world occasions.

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One of the unique rewards is a brand new M13B weapon blueprint known as Health Hazard. You can unlock it as contraband in DMZ and as an unlocked weapon to use in (*2*) and Warzone 2.0. Many gamers are confused about how to get their palms on this distinctive blueprint.
Look no additional, as we have coated all the pieces you want to know to unlock your M13B weapon.
You should battle by way of a number of overpowered AI bots to get the weapon. Yes, these bots are literally clever and provides a stable battle. If you are down, they fight to end you earlier than your teammates can revive you.
When you first spawn in Al Mazrah, open up your Tac Map and search for a area with a biohazard image. This is the place you may get the M13B blueprint.
The yellow highlighted area is a extremely radioactive zone.
However, it is not as simple as strolling in, eliminating a bunch of AI bots, and working away with the weapon. To get the weapon, you will need to defeat a stronghold boss known as ‘The Chemist’ residing in this area.
The very first thing you will need to do if you get to the area is eradicate one of the troopers inside the radiation zone. The enemies inside the zone will drop a fuel masks upon elimination.
Equip the fuel masks, after which enterprise deeper into the zone to seek out the Chemist.
The Chemist may be anyplace inside the yellow circle, nevertheless, you may determine the Chemist by his yellow hazmat go well with.
He is well recognized, thanks to his vivid yellow hazmat go well with.
The Chemist can be properly-guarded by different closely-armored troopers. The Chemist himself is closely-armored and can want a quantity of rounds to go down. It is known that different gamers may also be in search of the Chemist. So you is likely to be questioning, how have you learnt whether or not the Chemist remains to be alive or not? It is easy. When you enter the radiation zone, you get an on-display screen notification that the Chemist is close by.
You will not get this notification if different gamers have already eradicated the Chemist.
It can get a bit tough to see and battle the Chemist as he might consistently throw down smoke bombs and escape.
It is a tactic utilized by the Chemist the place he’ll throw a smoke bomb and simply run away whereas his bodyguards will attempt to take you out.
No want to panic right here. Just keep in cowl and eradicate the troopers earlier than you lastly empty your rounds into the Chemist. Or, if you happen to’re not in a heroic gunfight, you may all the time use a automobile to run over the Chemist to take him down immediately. The alternative is yours.
Once the Chemist is down, he’ll drop the M13B blueprint.
Go over to his physique, and choose it up.
As quickly as you get the weapon, begin making your manner to the Exfil level.
The Exfil level is indicated by a small blue physique icon working by way of a door.
Go to the Exfil website, name in a helicopter, and wait till it arrives. You would possibly run into some AI bots making an attempt to cease you. Try to maintain them off till the chopper exhibits up. Once the chopper will get there, a 35 seconds timer will begin.
You and your teammates should get inside the chopper earlier than the timer ends.
Once you and all of your teammates enter the again of the chopper, the timer will immediately cut back to 5 seconds. Once the timer ends with all the gamers in the again of the chopper, you’ll efficiently exfil with the M13B weapon blueprint. You can then entry the M13B in each (*2*) and Warzone 2.0.
The weapon may even be added as contraband. So you need to use it in your subsequent DMZ run.
You have to be holding the weapon in your hand when you exfil, as the weapon solely will get unlocked for the participant holding the weapon. You can use this mechanic to assist your mates unlock the weapon. There is a straightforward trick that you would be able to attempt with your mates.
You should equip the M13B contraband for this trick in your subsequent DMZ run along with your buddy. Once you’ve got loaded in, drop the weapon to your buddy and allow them to equip it.
Now Exfil along with your buddy, and they’re going to additionally unlock the weapon for his or her (*2*) and Warzone 2.0. Since you dropped the contraband, it will not be accessible anymore in your DMZ loadout. It will now be accessible to your buddy. If you need the contraband, you will need to both ask it again out of your buddy or eradicate one other Chemist.

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