Twitch streamer Esfand can’t stop laughing after killing 5 bots within the final circle of PUBG

During his newest stream, Sukhbeer “EsfandTV” Brar confronted off enemies together with his trusty ‘Buggy’ in an thrilling recreation of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). He drove over a number of opponents and secured 5 kills within just a few seconds.The streamer, a founder and member of the gaming and content material group One True King (OTK), could not stop laughing as he always discovered new victims to run over. While taking part in a coaching recreation with AI bots, he finally received the recreation with a straightforward 16 kills underneath his belt.

Esfand bursts out laughing whereas killing 5 bots in PUBG’s coaching modeThe streamer, well-known for his hilarious character, was taking part in PUBG throughout his newest stream. With 17 gamers left alive, he circled round the edge of the protected zone in his buggy, and drove over bots to remove them.In his rampage’s first kill, Brar ran over a participant crouched beside a tree. He then instantly noticed a participant outdoors the protected zone trying to shoot at him. Laughing in a devil-like method, Brar drove out to the opponent’s location and confronted no resistance as he ran over him.

Amused at his luck, Brar could not stop laughing as he returned to the protected zone and immediately eradicated one other enemy by trampling them. Racking up a complete of 8 kills, 3 of which he scored within the final 10 seconds, he continued to circle his buggy round the kill zone.The coincidence of discovering enemies in such shut proximity, coupled with Brar’s hilarious killing tactic, had the Twitch chat in hysterics. He continued driving his buggy in the direction of the sounds of gunshots, and located his subsequent sufferer. He secured his 4th consecutive kill whereas his general tally reached 9 eliminations.

As his Twitch chat cheered him on, Esfand’s buggy was all of a sudden attacked by gunfire. With solely 10 different gamers left alive, he looked for the different participant. Brar instantly discovered his enemy standing atop a hill. The opponent discovered himself struggling the similar destiny as the ones earlier than him and was promplty run over.Brar’s rampage continued as he racked up a complete of 14 kills similarly, after which his buggy was finally blown up by one of the final enemies. As the buggy burst into flames, he killed the enemy, which made him one of the final two left alive.The streamer secured his win in PUBG (Image through Twitch/EsfandTV)

He finally received the recreation, having killed 16 gamers, reaching a well-deserved “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.”Redditors examine Esfand to ShroudFollowers have been totally entertained by the hilarious kills achieved by Brar. Mockingly appreciating his “abilities,” a number of viewers in contrast him to Shroud, a well-liked skilled gamer. However, some followers additionally criticized PUBG builders for the excessive saturation of bots current in the recreation.

Esfand produces a range of content material, together with gaming and comedy skits. Most not too long ago, he participated in the OTK vs OTV finale of Mizkif’s Twitch gameshow, Parasocial.

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