Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy Blooms as a Standalone Adventure

When I used to be finished marathoning all three installments of Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy, I felt no explicit must play Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2. The recreation is predicated on the engine and mechanics of the free-to-play, multiplayer-focused Battle Operation 2. But it’s frankly a good signal that Code Fairy didn’t serve as my gateway to getting again into GBO2. At least in my case, that lack of need reveals that Code Fairy is a Gundam recreation that stands alone.It’s finest to consider Code Fairy as a manner for B.B. Studio to broaden the usage of its Battle Operation engine past its unique give attention to on-line multiplayer. In a sense, it’s just like the “marketing campaign mode” Battle Operation by no means had, though on this case it’s offered individually. Indeed, Code Fairy is single-player solely, although linking save information from GBO 2 will unlock varied goodies in each video games (such as Code Fairy Mobile Suits in GBO 2). There’s no want to fret about occasions, every day logins, or any of the free-to-play fluff that powers as we speak’s live-service titles. All there’s is the fifteen missions of the principle story marketing campaign (5 per half), and the simulator situations if you wish to apply or grind out some further rewards.Being core to the expertise, Gundam Code Fairy‘s narrative is fairly robust. Unlike the single-player modes of most multiplayer-first motion video games nowadays, the marketing campaign doesn’t really feel like an afterthought meant to mollify individuals who don’t have web connections. If something Code Fairy‘s marketing campaign recollects the older period of Gundam titles, led by the likes of Journey to Jaburo, Lost War Chronicles, and Gundam Side Stories: Missing Link. Like these video games, Code Fairy tells yet one more unknown story from the shadows of the One Year War.By my lights, if there’s anybody Gundam recreation that Code Fairy most resembles, it’s Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front. Not solely is Code Fairy totally about characters from the Principality of Zeon, it has a variety of minor callbacks to models and occasions from Zeonic Front itself. The story follows the exploits of Alma Stirner, a Zeon pilot newly assigned to the North American entrance and “Noisy Fairy”, the Zeon navy’s first all-female cellular swimsuit squad. Alongside fellow infantrymen Mia Brinkman and Helena Hegel, Alma takes her marching orders from Noisy Fairy’s commander, former ace pilot Killy Garrett. Together they practice, develop, and change into a fearsome asset to Zeon forces over the course of the One Year War.Major occasions from the One Year War type the background and spine of Code Fairy‘s story. Though each mission is one which applies to the particular, comparatively small theater of Noisy Fairy’s operational space, massive happenings like Operation Odessa and the demise of Garma Zabi assist tie the sport to the bigger Universal Century timeline. If you ever needed to understand how Zeon forces had been in a position to battle for a bit longer after the essential lack of Odessa’s mining operations, Code Fairy teaches us that this squad performed a half in making that occur.Gundam Code Fairy is structured a lot like Sakura Wars, which in flip is structured like an anime collection. Each of the 15 missions begins is bookended by an anime-style intro and ending sequence, together with a “subsequent episode” preview. Hand-animated sequences additionally lend taste to the storyline in every mission. Even the way in which the characters are rendered within the in-engine cutscenes has been adjusted to be extra “anime-like” in look in comparison with the NPCs in Battle Operation 2. Also like Sakura Wars, the sport is sort of light-hearted, tonally talking. Though these women are most undoubtedly troopers on the shedding facet of a conflict that’s killed half of humanity in lower than a 12 months, there’s nonetheless time to throw a Halloween get together or agonize over necessary bodily coaching. Players and Gundam followers searching for a gritty conflict story could also be upset that Code Fairy is nearer in spirit to one thing like Valkyria Chronicles than War within the Pocket.The glut of narrative and character holds up the weaker portion of Gundam Code Fairy, which is the mission design. Though the gameplay of Gundam Battle Operation 2 is pretty strong, that base is constructed on a basis that serves uncomplicated multiplayer brawling above all. That means, that regardless of makes an attempt in every mission to supply assorted and attention-grabbing targets, the mechanics don’t at all times work out in a satisfying manner.For instance, in a single mission, I used to be to lure enemy forces into a set of pre-planted traps. However, as soon as the mission kicked off, the enemy forces acted like AI bots in a simulation match, and didn’t actually behave in a manner that match the “script” of the mission. Nevertheless, the moment-to-moment fight is robust. Each cellular swimsuit has a number of weapons accessible, and issues like thruster cooldowns, reloading, and varied aiming stances give Code Fairy (and by extension GBO 2) a simulation-style edge. It’s a slower, extra methodical fight stream, in comparison with the high-speed chaos of the Gundam VS video games, or the arcadey motion of the Gundam Breaker titles. It may also get surprisingly exhausting, since your Zeon-model cellular fits are sometimes at a drawback preventing beam-equipped Federation forces and even taking up a totally armed Gundam unit.Mobile Suit Gundam Code Fairy feels just like the revival of a beloved period of single-player, narrative-focused Gundam video games. If future efforts on this line get the identical care and a spotlight, then basing it on a free-to-play multiplayer-led engine like GBO 2‘s was a transfer properly well worth the tradeoffs.All three elements of Gundam Code Fairy can be found on PS4 and PS5.

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