AI & Machine Learning for Business | by Shaw Talebi

When you consider AI, you may consider ChatGPT, AI-generated artwork, or perhaps one thing just like the Terminator. But let’s take a step again and ask the essential query, “What is AI?”AI is brief for synthetic intelligence — which can not inform us a lot as a result of one in all these phrases is problematic.The first phrase, synthetic, will not be the problem. It merely means one thing made by people.However, the second phrase, intelligence, will not be effectively outlined (even amongst AI researchers [1]). Nevertheless, a definition I like to make use of, and one that’s most related in a enterprise context, is intelligence = the power to unravel issues and make selections.Therefore, with this operational definition of intelligence, AI is just a pc’s capability to unravel issues and make selections.To get a greater thought of what we imply by intelligence, let’s see it in motion.Suppose you are attempting to determine whether or not to spend your Saturday by the pool or inside watching that new Netflix sequence. If you look out the window and see the scene within the picture under, it’s possible you’ll determine to remain in. That’s as a result of the darkish, cloudy sky is an efficient indicator that the climate gained’t be nice right this moment.

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