Artificial intelligence (AI) and cellular robotics have superior considerably in latest many years and the convergence of each applied sciences brings stunning ends in a number of areas. Artificial intelligence robots (AI robots) are altering the way in which we dwell and work, in addition to industrial processes around the globe. Robotnik explores the benefits and drawbacks of AI robots. In this text, you too can discover 10 examples of purposes of those robots deployed in varied industries.
🔺Pros of AI robots:
– Improved effectivity: AI robots can constantly carry out repetitive and monotonous duties protecting full shifts, growing manufacturing effectivity and lowering labor prices.
– Precision: they execute duties with millimeter precision, a facet of nice relevance for sectors corresponding to manufacturing, permitting a big discount within the variety of errors.
– Increased productiveness: By permitting staff to deal with extra artistic and strategic duties, AI robots can improve productiveness and unlock human sources for increased value-added work.
– Safety: They can carry out harmful or tedious work in harsh environments, lowering dangers to human staff.
🔺Cons of AI robots:
– Upfront price: Acquiring and deploying AI robots has a value that may be an effort, particularly for SMEs or industries with tight budgets. Robotnik is working to make entry to robotics an increasing number of accessible and to get rid of these obstacles to entry as a lot as attainable.
– Job displacement: Intelligent cellular robotics executes sure duties extra effectively than folks, so there’s a pure course of of labor divergence during which people transfer on to different kinds of higher-value duties.
– Dependency on know-how: AI bots are solely as efficient as their applications and software program, making them weak to technical glitches and cyberattacks. For this purpose, one of many major focuses of consideration of pros within the sector is to develop techniques which might be more and more able to defending these gadgets.
There can be found examples of the attention-grabbing contribution of robots with Artificial Intelligence in all kinds of industries, providing progressive options to complicated issues. Here are 5 examples of AI robots:
🔺Manufacturing Industry:
In manufacturing, AI-powered robots are used for manufacturing line automation, product meeting, high quality management, and logistics. Their potential to work 24 hours a day with out fatigue and with pinpoint accuracy has reworked the way in which shopper items are produced.
🔺Healthcare sector:
Have you seen real-life examples of robotic-assisted surgical procedures? In the identical method, within the well being sector, they’re bringing advances for medical diagnoses and bodily therapies. Their precision and skill to work in confined areas have allowed for extra exact and fewer invasive surgical procedures.
The RB-VOGUI at Terras Gauda is an instance of the applying of robotics + AI for precision viticulture, whose goal is to convey collectively methods for the cultivation of vines that convey competitiveness to the agri-food sector.
The use of cellular robotics on this space saves inspection, transport and phytosanitary prices, in addition to releasing harvesters from a number of the heaviest components of the method.
🔺In the automotive business, AI-powered robots are significantly well-suited for car manufacturing duties, from physique welding to portray and meeting. This use case describes the intralogistics automation course of in an automotive plant with a collaborative AMR from Robotnik.
🔺Services & Hospitality:
There are robots corresponding to PLATO, from United Robotics Group, which have been developed particularly to function in sectors corresponding to hospitality and customer support in reception, cleansing or meals service duties. These robots, mixed with Artificial Intelligence know-how, not solely scale back labor prices but in addition enhance the client expertise.


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