OAN guest: “unofficially,” the Respect for Marriage Act “codifies slavery for the red states

KARA MCKINNEY (HOST): So I feel [Dana] Loesch places it greatest and saying that is about the left taking punitive motion now in opposition to non secular holdouts on the proper as a result of they already bought, sadly, what they needed seven years in the past. This is now about making us all battle for our lives, so to talk, in court docket like Jack Phillips has to do. I imply, he is on spherical two now, even with the Supreme Court victory underneath his belt. Is that what you see sort of happening?  
DANIEL HOROWITZ (Senior Editor, The Blaze):  Sure. Officially that is what it does. But unofficially, it additionally codifies, uh, slavery for the red states, to make it clear that henceforth they’ll be beholden to no matter new licentious, uh, hotness of the day California and the blue states provide you with. Fun truth. Even when this was a really robust Judeo-Christian nation, the actuality is there was by no means something technically, legally stopping a state from redefining marriage, you already know same-sex, or no matter else they needed to do. Yet this for the first time, forces states to redefine marriage. It is such a radical concept. It actually redefines the constructing block of civilization, implicitly redefining males and lady. And what’s attention-grabbing is — each single Democrats for it and a superb variety of Republicans, like each challenge. I performed on my podcast, a clip from Joe Biden simply 15 years in the past, not 60 years in the past, like 2006, the place he was like, in fact, a wedding is a person and a girl who would assume in any other case. That’s how rapidly the Overton Window has moved over. And I feel it is necessary to notice it is not simply the 12 GOP senators and 40 or so House members who voted for it, however management in each homes refused to whip in opposition to it. They did not converse in opposition to it. They did not warn in opposition to it. They did not speak about the non secular liberty issues. It’s this imbalance in ardour and dedication, in outrage, in thought that’s getting us into the place we’re in, shedding on each main coverage challenge. 
 MCKINNEY: I’m glad that you simply deliver that up about the red states, since you’re proper, the blue states now, polygamy is likely to be on the desk or, you already know, all these different bizarre types that we’re seeing appear to begin percolating. But—
HOROWITZ: Pedophilia. 
MCKINNEY: That, I used to be going to say pedophilia as a result of as we simply heard now, these are minor-attracted individuals. It’s all proper. It’s all wonderful. It’s respectable. Sorry — I’d like to roll my eyes at this, but it surely’s very severe, sadly, as a result of that’s the place we’re going. We’re not simply beginning down the slippery slope. We’re careening means down. We’ve been on it for some time now. But you are proper, you might have a blue state. They move one thing like that. Now you might have these red states that should quote-unquote respect it. So lots of points happening proper there. And I do know Biden, after he did a signing, he made lots of nonsensical feedback, and one in every of them was a wierd— it is by no means occurred. He says, you already know, you might have right this moment on this nation, a homosexual couple may get married in the morning and kicked out of a restaurant in the afternoon. And everybody’s like, proper on, Joe — the place, when, how? I imply, this man simply talks out of his rear finish. And you are proper, he was defining marriage, what, ten, 15 years in the past? Next factor you already know, he drags Obama right down to homosexual marriage, after which Obama has to come back out and say, you already know, oh, I’ve advanced on it, too. And but nobody ever has a sit-down dialogue saying, Here’s why I used to imagine marriage is between a person and a girl, and this is why I do not anymore. They do not. They simply drop it in a single day. It’s only a political sizzling potato. It’s as if lots of them do not even imagine it themselves, and so they’re simply sort of parroting lots of speaking factors. That’s what actually bothers me as effectively. But, I imply, what do you make of Biden’s feedback there?  
HOROWITZ:  What’s attention-grabbing is the whole lot they allege that we’re doing, they’re already doing. It’s the final projection. Obviously, all of us have these indelible photographs in our — etched in our minds of NYPD dragging out youngsters from eating places for not having a vaccine card, trauma victims being kicked out of medical doctors and hospitals for not sporting a masks. So that is precisely what they’re doing. The denial of service primarily based on political beliefs is one thing solely they do. Keep in thoughts, even all these circumstances the place Christian bakers do not wish to service one thing, they’re by no means saying, I’m not going to offer the common service, reminiscent of, you already know, dinner served at a restaurant to you as a result of I do not like your habits or your values. They’re not going to particularly service that occasion. And that is the massive distinction. So they wish to power us to service their occasions, but they’re the ones kicking us out of common providers, together with public lodging, up till and together with kidney transplants if you do not get their ideological circumcision, a.okay.a. the Pfizer shot. So that is what these guys are literally doing.
And once more, it is not nearly non secular liberty. It is about reinforcing a nationwide grooming that there aren’t any acquainted ties, there isn’t any women and men, there isn’t any household. You’re all a bunch of androgynous, unrecognizable AI bots that simply observe what we’re doing. And that is all about rising the momentum of — in response to Gallup, 21% of Gen Z people determine as one in every of the alphabet soup distinctions that can’t procreate. Notice how the whole lot they wish to do all the time appears to result in one end result. They do not like procreation very a lot, and sooner or later we have now to ask, effectively, is 20%, 40%, what’s sufficient? Well, what if everybody simply mentioned ‘I’m a gay?’ I imply, is {that a} good factor? You know, sooner or later you do should procreate. Someone’s bought to make the subsequent era. And in in what universe do they assume that that agenda wants much more momentum? But once more, what number of Republicans really oppose that? Very, only a few.  


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