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Fusion cash might bebetter spent on photo voltaic
Re. “Scientific historical past made in Livermore,” Page A1, Dec. 14:
For context, Lawrence Livermore Lab spent $3.5 Billion to create a response that generated all of 1.1 megajoules (.28Kwh) for a fraction of a second. My rooftop photo voltaic panels can generate as much as 13.8 megajoules per hour (3.8Kwh).
As the authors of the article acknowledge, we’re nonetheless a long time from any sensible use of this expertise.
Maybe the Department of Energy ought to set up photo voltaic on each rooftop? That would price solely a fraction of the continued analysis at Lawrence Livermore Labs.
And it might assist to right away get rid of world warming.
Don MahoneyMoraga
Will current scandalscool Stanford boosters?
Is the period of the Stanford University younger, wacky, boastful tech tycoon over with the dynamic discombobulation wrought by Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried?
A complete of $9 billion and $32 billion down the tubes. Whew. Steve Jobs was actual. These are frauds, But Jobs went to Reed College in Oregon. I wager that going ahead an investor would possibly hesitate on a Stanford alumnus/alumna-initiated enterprise and like a Berkeley Haas one.
Now Holmes doesn’t need to go to jail to serve a sentence, which is fairly cheap contemplating the crime. One factor is for certain: Had I been liable for the Theranos debacle, with my huge absence of highly effective connections, I’m certain it might have been life in jail.
Jack KnutsonFremont
Senators have haltedpush for go away coverage
Re. “Why does U.S. nonetheless don’t have any paid parental go away coverage?” Page A7, Dec. 15:
This headline was extraordinarily deceptive, and I’m certain Sara Hunter Simanson didn’t write it.
A greater headline would have been one thing alongside the traces of what dad and mom undergo when their kids, they usually themselves, get sick. There was no rationalization as to why the United States doesn’t have a paid parental go away coverage. One needn’t go far, nevertheless, to find the trigger. Fifty Republicans and one Democrat within the U.S. Senate.
If you need packages like this to higher the lives of you and your loved ones, you now know for whom to vote.
Lisa RiggePleasanton
AI writing doesn’t haveto be nice, simply smart
Re. “I’ll guess you didn’t write that — synthetic intelligence robotic did,” Page A7, Dec. 13:
Glenn Kramon misses the purpose solely in his essay on the efficacy of the brand new Artificial Intelligence program able to writing in quite a lot of kinds. Perhaps in his extraordinarily slim purview of writing enterprise emails and memos, this system is mediocre attributable to its lack of “heat and individuality” and overuse of adverbs. Does he actually consider that the center or highschool lecturers sitting down with 100 essays to grade are basing their judgment on heat?
Later within the article, Kramon admits that this system can produce a “smart, fair-minded” opinion piece. I assure you that, immediately, essays are being submitted to lecturers, written by the AI program, that will even be deemed smart and fair-minded.
Lou AscatignoConcord
State ought to requireveterinarians at rodeos
Kudos to Los Angeles Times reporter Susanne Rust for her Dec. 7 horrific exposé of the accidents and deaths routinely suffered by animals within the state’s many rodeo arenas. Those harm reviews are required by state regulation, Penal Code 596.7, the results of 1999 laws sponsored by Action For Animals, carried by state Sen. Don Perata, D-Oakland. It appears clear that each state ought to have such a regulation, minimal.
In the 22 years of the regulation’s existence, not a single harm report got here from a charreada, the Mexican-style rodeos frequent all through California. Clearly, Penal Code 596.7 wants amending in order to drop the “on-call vet” possibility and require an on-site veterinarian at each rodeo and charreada within the state.
Surely that is the very least we owe the animals. Racetracks, horse exhibits and endurance rides all require on-site vets. So ought to all rodeos. Let your state legislators hear from you.
Eric MillsAction for AnimalsOakland


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