How to Unlock the ‘Anonymous’ Konig Skin in DMZ

How to Unlock the ‘Anonymous’ Konig Skin in DMZ

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0, you’ll unlock the mysterious KorTac Operator Konig after executing a Finishing Move on an opponent. Thanks to the model new PvPvE DMZ mode, Konig positive aspects one new, desert camo-looking pores and skin known as Anonymous. Unlocking it’s really not that tough. It simply would possibly take a little bit of time, and right here’s how one can acquire the Anonymous pores and skin for the Konig Operator in COD DMZ mode.
Unlocking Anonymous Konig Operator Skin – COD Warzone 2.0 DMZ Mode

To acquire the Anonymous pores and skin for the Konig Operator, you want to full the “Frame Job” Legion Tier 2 Faction Mission in COD DMZ. Here is the record of Objectives wanted to clear the aforementioned Faction Mission:

Purchase an LTV with a turret at a store:

You’ll want $18,000 Cash. Get them from looting Caches or finishing Contracts and defeating AI bots.
Go to the nearest Buy Station, open the Gear tab, and purchase the “LTV with a turret” choice.

Use the LTV turret to kill 10 enemies in Ahkdar Village:

Ahkdar Village is positioned between the Airport and Zaya Observatory.
Killing bots utilizing the turret additionally counts towards the Objective.

Destroy the LTV in Mawizeh Marsh:

Blow up your automobile utilizing weapons and explosives.

Once the Objectives are cleared, finishing the “Frame Job” DMZ Faction Mission will reward you with the following gadgets:

Anonymous: Konig Operator Skin
15,000 XP

However, earlier than tackling this final Faction Mission, it’s essential to first full any 5 Legion Tier 2 Faction Missions. Below is the record of all Tier 2 Faction Missions, their Objectives, and rewards:

Faction Mission (Legion Tier 2)

Big Spender
– Acquire $60,000 in money– Spend $60,000 at a store
– Cavern Boat Dock Shack Key– 7,500 XP

Buried Barrels
– Complete one “Secure Radioactive Material” Contract– Loot 4 gadgets from the Radioactive Caches
– SP-R 208 Contraband Weapon– 5,000 XP

Destroy 6 Vehicles
– Pseudo Private Calling Card– 7,500 XP

– Capture a SAM website– Wait on your captured SAM website to shoot down an airplane– Loot a dropped provide drop
– RPK Contraband Weapon– 7,500 XP

Key Elimination
– Complete an “Eliminate HVT” Contract– Loot a Key discovered on an HVT or elsewhere– Use a Key to unlock a locked area
– Fanning Konig Calling Card– 7,500 XP

Data Collection
– Find and loot a pc– Extract 4 Thumb Drives– Extract 5 Hard Drives
– FTAC Recon Contraband Weapon– 7,500 XP

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Warzone 2.0 is obtainable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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