Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed: Best Particle Thrower Builds

The Particle Thrower from the Ghostbusters franchise is among the most iconic and well known weapons for catching ghosts, mixed with the Proton Pack, Ghost Trap, and P.Ok.E meter to finish the busting set. In Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, gamers can improve their core major gear, together with the Particle Thrower, which has 5 customizable options and as much as 7 upgrades to unlock inside every class.

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Players have loads of selections on the subject of creating the very best Particle Thrower builds and might customise the Central Unit, Nozzle, Grip, Side Component, and Top Attachment. Players start with the default choices however can unlock extra upgrades as they stage up their Buster or by finishing Research Contracts activated within the traditional Fire House setting. This information handily summarizes the very best Particle Thrower construct selections for these struggling to decide on between the complicated choices.


8/8 Stream Extender

The Stream Extender is a superb alternative of Unit when taking part in because the Buster, because it improves the Particle Thrower’s stream vary, making it useful for catching ghosts flying away. It’s additionally powerful on Tether Control making it superb for preserving maintain of ghosts attempting to wiggle free.
It is also advantageous for damaging rifts, objects, and pesky minions, plus reduces total warmth era build-up whereas tethering the ghost, that means gamers need not cool it down as a lot by venting. Although its recoil system is weaker and will take longer to vent, its strengths overrule its disadvantages.

7/8 Quantum Accelerator

The Quantum Accelerator can also be a sensible choice for the Unit, as its stats are much like the Stream Extender. However, its important distinction isn’t any increase to the particle stream vary, that means gamers must be nearer to the ghost to bust it the place there’s elevated vulnerability to the ghost’s vary of skills, like devastating slime assaults and the Ultimate Ability.
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Compared to the Stream Extender, the Quantum Accelerator is equally good at warmth administration, plus damaging rifts, minions, and objects. It’s one other superb all-rounder in comparison with different Units just like the Cryo Venter and Heat Sink, which gamers who prioritize warmth discount pace could want.

6/8 Sidewinder

The Sidewinder is an advantageous alternative of Nozzle because it has elevated tether management, making it simpler to maintain maintain of ghosts and drag them into the entice pull area. It’s additionally nice for warmth administration, has a robust Stream Range, and offers injury to things, minions, and rifts, albeit its Tether Health will not be fairly pretty much as good because the Blast Release Nozzle.
Players might full the difficult Snub Nose Research Contract to unlock the Snub Nose, by forming a tether after a mantle 10 occasions and finishing 3 major tethers whereas falling. However, the Snub Nose stats present options that primarily improve the pace of use, and considerably much less Stream and Tether management.

5/8 Dual Vertical Grip

Stability guidelines on the subject of the Dual Vertical Grip because it possesses perks for knockback and touchdown restoration. This is useful when attacked by ghosts or when rifts explode. It additionally advantages from elevated Tether Strength and Control, superb for catching stronger ghosts, plus elevated Tether Range and the power to higher handle warmth.
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To get the Dual Vertical Grip, gamers should full the Dual Vertical Grip Research Contract by pulling a ghost into a visit pull area as the first tether 25 occasions, and reinforcing 15 present tethers, whether or not busting alongside AI Bots or different human gamers.

4/8 Particle Thruster

The Particle Thruster stands out from the usual stats of different Side Components for its huge increase to Stream Range, making it simpler to catch ghosts when they’re fleeing into the gap. It additionally has the benefit of gorgeous the ghost when flushed out utilizing the Particle Thrower, corresponding to when ghosts disguise inside objects to regain vitality.
However, to acquire the Particle Thruster, gamers should full the Particle Thruster Research Contract by destroying 50 minions with a Particle Thrower and dealing 1000 fracture injury to rifts.

3/8 Ionic Reverser

The Ionic Reverser is a improbable Side Component choice for catching and containing ghosts, because it has elevated Tether Control, Strength, and Range, slowing ghosts down and making it a lot tougher for them to flee. Like the Containment Monitor and Default Side Component, it additionally has options that scale back warmth build-up.
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Although it would not possess the injury benefits of the Stream Amplifier Side Component, gamers can use different upgrades to extend object, rift, minion, and rift fracture injury making the Ionic Reverser an honest alternative.

2/8 Neural Frequency Emitter

The Neural Frequency Emitter has distinctive stats that place it on the high of the Top Attachments wishlist. It possesses elevated Tether Control and Speed, superb for preserving struggling ghosts lassoed. Its Stream Range can also be prolonged, superb for catching ghosts from additional afield, plus has further bonuses to Civilian Calm and Area Calm, superb when looking for to calm scared civilians to attempt to scale back the results of the ghost’s haunting.
However, to get it, gamers should full the Neural Frequency Emitter Research Contract by calming 25 scared civilians disturbed by the participant and killing 25 minions who’ve just lately attacked a civilian, so gamers want to trace minions and counter-intuitively spook civilians, to allow them to deploy the calming mini-game to construct up their supported standing.

1/8 Active Heat Isolator

For those that do not fancy finishing a time-consuming Research Contract to enhance their Top Attachment, the subsequent smartest thing to the Neural Frequency Emitter is the Active Heat Isolator. It has helpful warmth administration properties, together with total warmth era and fast venting time, taking longer to warmth up, particularly when tethering the ghost.
By comparability, the Small P.Ok.E Monitor Top Attachment has related stats to the default choice and has a useful P.Ok.E Meter connected to the highest, that means gamers haven’t got to change to their P.Ok.E meter to detect ghosts and rifts as a lot. However, its vary is proscribed, making the Active Heat Isolator an all-around better option for Particle Thrower effectivity.
Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is accessible to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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