Everything you need to know about DMZ (Faction Missions, Contrabands, Strongholds, Keys)

Everything you need to know about DMZ (Faction Missions, Contrabands, Strongholds, Keys)

DMZ is a brand new open-world free-to-play mode added alongside Warzone 2.0. DMZ is a narrative-focused extraction-based survival mode the place you drop into the brand new Al Mazrah map to loot, collect sources, and exfil for distinctive rewards corresponding to calling playing cards and symbols. Yes, DMZ shares the identical map because the much-celebrated Warzone 2.0.
The major goal of the mode is to exfil with as many sources and money as potential. This is finished by finishing totally different faction missions and contracts and looting provide caches. You additionally get to do different actions that contain preventing the AI bots guarding totally different enemy outposts.
The majority of the enemies that you will face in DMZ will embody the bots. You not often encounter different gamers, because the participant depend is round 60. All the gamers are often busy finishing their faction missions.
Each deployment lasts 25 minutes earlier than the radiation begins to engulf the circle. A singular radiation zone will broaden after the 25 minutes timer ends. DMZ provides a spread of recent rewards, together with weapon blueprints, beauty gadgets corresponding to Operator skins, and different gadgets that facilitates your bragging rights.
In this text, we have coated the whole lot you need to know about the brand new mode and the way you can survive the lethal AI combatants of Al Mazrah.

The Loadout
Before we get into exploring Al Mazrah, let’s discuss about the loadout system in DMZ mode. You have very restricted choices, and far of it’s straight linked to every DMZ deployment you undergo.

You can set your loadout and select the weapons earlier than you drop into the map. However, you are restricted to solely the tools you have available. In DMZ, if you take one thing with you within the recreation and die with it, you will lose these gadgets without end. You can go in with both insured or contraband weapons – extra on them under.
The identical goes for the weapons, the keys, the killstreaks, the gasoline masks, the armor provider, and even the self-revive equipment. You can re-equip your tactical and deadly tools and the sector improve with out limitations. These few gadgets should not misplaced upon your demise.
DMZ has two forms of mode-specific inventories: On-Soldier stock and your backpack.
On-Soldier Inventory
The On-Soldier stock is your most important storage that carries all of your necessary tools, such because the armor provider, the gasoline masks, the killstreaks, and the self-revive equipment. You can solely carry 4 gadgets at a time, and they’re at all times obtainable so long as you exfil with the gadgets on you. If you die with them in DMZ, they are going to be misplaced without end till you discover them once more in your subsequent run.

The backpack carries all of your keys that you could discover in your DMZ runs. It additionally reveals you the scale of your backpack (small or massive). The bigger the backpack is, the extra keys you can carry. We will discuss extra about the keys under. These keys are necessary to get to worthwhile loot.

Items apart from the weapons are robotically transformed into XP when you exfil. The looted gadgets embody the gadgets which can be definitely worth the money and could be offered on the Buy Station.
Insured & Contraband Weapons
You can equip two forms of weapons in DMZ: Insured and Contraband. Both weapon varieties have totally different mechanics.
Contraband Weapons
Contraband weapons are the staple weapons present in DMZ. You can take these weapons into DMZ, however the Contraband weapon is misplaced without end if you die. You can’t modify Contraband weapons by means of Gunsmith.

You get six Contraband weapons by default to begin your DMZ journey. But watch out of what weapons you equip, as they are going to be misplaced without end if you don’t exfil with them throughout your run.
The Contraband weapons are simply acknowledged thanks to a crimson band with a label that reads ‘Contraband.’
Insured Weapons
The Insured weapons are the common weapons that you can modify by way of Gunsmith. You can modify them together with your desired attachments and equip them to your DMZ run. You will not lose the weapon when you die. However, you will get a 2-hour lengthy cooldown timer earlier than taking the insured weapon into the sport once more.

You have three insured weapon slots. The first slot is open by default, whereas the remainder you should unlock by finishing the faction missions (we discuss about it under). You can cut back this cooldown timer by exfiling with money. The extra cash you exfil with, the extra the timer will go down.

Faction Missions
You’re now arrange and prepared to deploy into your first DMZ recreation. But what do you do? For starters, you’ve obtained a number of faction missions to full. Faction missions are narrative-based missions that present unique rewards and quite a lot of XP.
DMZ has three most important factions: Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous. Each of those factions provides a number of missions that you can full in Al Mazrah. You can solely have up to three lively missions throughout every run. Each faction has tiers hooked up to them.

The three factions have issue ranges, with Legion being the simplest and Black Mous being the toughest. To start, you could have 4 tier 1 obtainable faction missions below the Legion faction. You can choose up to three of those 4 missions and leap into the motion.
Each faction has a number of tier ranges. The missions get difficult with rising tiers. The max tier degree is 3.
Complete all tier 1 missions to unlock Legion’s tier 2 faction missions. Complete all tier 2 to unlock tier 3 missions. The identical goes for the White Lotus faction. White Lotus would not have any tier 3 missions. To unlock the ultimate faction, full tier 2 missions for Legion and White Lotus. Black Mous faction solely has tier 1 missions.
As you progress by means of the faction missions, be aware of your tools. Try to collect worthwhile sources and maintain onto them. Valuable sources embody a 3-plate armor provider, a self-revive equipment, gasoline masks, and robust contrabands.
Key Stash
Earlier, we mentioned the backpack that can be utilized to retailer the keys. The keys play an necessary function in DMZ as they’re used to entry locked areas with high-value loot. To achieve DMZ, you should deploy with a mindset geared towards looting high-value gadgets.

What are keys used for?
The keys unlock locked rooms and buildings with worthwhile loot. The constructing a key belongs to is labeled on the important thing.

There are primarily two forms of keys – POI keys and Regular Keys. The POI keys have an icon beside them that opens up the principle POI constructing for you to loot.
The common keys don’t have any icon however an outline that you should use to discover the hidden space or a constructing to unlock the loot.
How to get keys?
There are a number of strategies you can use to get hold of the keys in DMZ. The most handy manner of getting the hot button is additionally one of the vital costly strategies. You can at all times purchase one key for $30k from the Buy Station. The secret is at all times random in every run and should unlock the identical or a distinct constructing.

The second and among the best strategies is to go to the Post Office POI. The Post Office at all times has a bunch of keys that you can scavenge. The Post Office is represented by an envelope icon in your tac map.

Finally, the uncommon technique is to get them off of troopers. Some high-value troopers, corresponding to Juggernaut or the Chemist, could drop keys. Even common troopers can drop the keys however very not often. You may full HVT contracts to get the keys by defeating the goal. Duffle luggage and provide caches can also include random keys.

Key Durability
The keys in DMZ can have a number of makes use of. The makes use of are represented by little bars beside them. Once you’ve used all of the bars, your key can be destroyed, and you should discover a new one in DMZ. There are over 100 totally different keys, and the one you get is at all times random. It is all luck-based.

The RNG can be irritating if gamers are in search of a particular key. The particular key hunt will certainly come into play, given there are some easter eggs which will require particular keys to unlock some caches or rooms.
DMZ options a variety of contracts that gamers can full for money and XP. The contracts are represented with a inexperienced cellphone icon in your tac map. Currently, the sport options 9 totally different contract varieties, and they’re as follows:
Eliminate HVT
By accepting this contract, you need to discover a high-value goal guarded by a number of armored AQ troopers. Once you defeat the goal, you will get high-value rewards.

Destroy Supplies
In this contract, you are tasked with planting bombs at two totally different websites. The websites are closely guarded by the AQ troopers. Defeat the troopers, and plant the explosives.

Secure Intel
In Secure Intel, you need to go to the marked location to discover Intel on onerous drives. Then you should go to the marked communication tower and add the given knowledge by means of it.

Rescue Hostage
In this contract, you should go to the marked location and rescue a hostage from the AQ troopers. You should carry the hostage to the closest exfil level marked in your tac map.

Secure Nuclear Material
In this contract, you are first tasked to the marked location to decide up a Geiger Counter. Once you get the Geiger Counter, you should go to the marked areas to find the radioactive cache.

Ship Cargo
In this contract, you need to ship some items utilizing a ship. You will face some resistance, corresponding to an enemy chopper, as you drive to the marked location.

Deliver Cargo
Deliver Cargo is analogous to Ship Cargo, however on this case, you should ship the products by driving an armored truck to the marked location on land.

Raid Weapon Stash
In this contract, you are tasked to go to the marked location and loot a protected safely. The secure can be protected by a number of AQ troopers. Eliminate the troopers, and open the secure to get the rewards.

Hunt Squad
Finally, we now have the Hunt Squad contract, which is analogous to the bounty contracts present in Warzone 1. In this contract, you are tasked with eliminating an actual enemy workforce.

World Activites
Like the Contracts, DMZ provides a number of world actions for gamers to maintain busy. These world actions are additionally a part of a number of faction missions and reward gamers generously.
The world actions are marked with a plain white icon on the map. However, every icon is totally different from the others and represents totally different missions. Here is an inventory of all of the world actions present in DMZ.
UAV Towers
You can activate UAV towers in DMZ that prompts a UAV inside a sure radius of the tower, revealing all AI combatants and actual enemy gamers.

SAM Sites
These SAM Sites provide anti-air turrets that gamers can use to knock down cargo planes flying within the sky. Go to these turrets and seize them. They will then destroy any incoming cargo planes. When you destroy these cargo planes, they drop provide bins carrying high-value loot.

These safes are positioned all through Al Mazrah, and gamers can crack them open to discover a ton of money. However, it takes time to drill open the crack. As the drill eats away the secure, you get a progress bar, however it additionally alerts the close by AI combatants and different enemy gamers. It is a high-risk however high-reward exercise.

Hidden Caches
Hidden Caches should not seen on the tac map however spawn in fastened places. You can discover quite a lot of good loot inside these hidden caches. If you handle to memorize the places of those hidden caches, you can stroll away with loads of money and different high-value loot.

Strongholds are extremely guarded enemy posts with high-value gadgets, together with distinctive weapon blueprints. You need a stronghold keycard to entry the buildings in these strongholds. More on the strongholds under.
Strongholds are extremely fortified and comparable to the Black Sites present in Warzone 2. Stronghold is taken into account the principle technique of acquiring new weapon contraband and new intel paperwork for faction missions. Strongholds are residence to a number of distinctive and uncommon loot gadgets.

To entry the strongholds, you need a stronghold keycard. You can get hold of the keycard in two methods. The first technique is eliminating the AQ troopers in and across the stronghold. Or the AQ troopers patrolling the realm usually. One of the guards will finally drop a blue keycard, representing the stronghold keycard.

The second technique is to purchase it straight from the Buy Station. The stronghold keycard prices $5k on the Buy Station.
Weapon Case Event
When you drop right into a recreation of DMZ, you will discover a yellow highlighted area with a briefcase in the midst of it having a “?” icon on it. This is a weapon case occasion.

The weapon case occasion has an entire chain of rewards related to it that reward participant with unique rewards solely obtainable by means of this occasion. The obtained beauty gadgets can then be utilized in each Multiplayer and Warzone 2.
You solely get one weapon case occasion per recreation, so if different gamers handle to full it earlier than you, you will need to restart the sport. You can anticipate to run into actual enemy gamers close to the weapon case, as it’s a scorching zone for a lot of.
When you enter the yellow area, you will encounter a number of AQ troopers and a closely armored juggernaut. Similar to the Chemist, when you are close to the juggernaut, you will get an on-screen notification that the juggernaut is close by.

You should defeat the juggernaut, and he’ll drop a weapon case. You need to decide up the weapon case and exfil with it. The solely concern right here is that your location is seen on the map to different gamers as quickly as you decide it up.

All the gamers within the foyer are notified of your location and that you are attempting to exfil with the weapon case. You can see how this could possibly be an issue and make issues difficult.
If different gamers kill you, they’ll seize the case and exfil with it to declare their rewards. The identical is true for you. You may remove different gamers, seize their weapon case, and exfil to declare the rewards.
You can exfil with the weapon case seven occasions. This means you should play by means of seven totally different DMZ video games and exfil efficiently with the weapon case to earn all seven rewards.

Weapon Case Rewards
The following is an inventory of all of the rewards you can earn by means of every weapon case exfil.

Caution Tape RPK Weapon BlueprintRequirement: Exfiltrate with the Weapon Case for the primary time.
Biohazard Weapon StickerRequirement: Exfiltrate with the Weapon Case for the second time.
Jungle Incognito Helicopter SkinRequirement: Exfiltrate with the Weapon Case for the third time.
Gas Gas Gas Weapon CharmRequirement: Exfiltrate with the Weapon Case for the fourth time.
Weapon Crate Calling CardRequirement: Exfiltrate with the Weapon Case for the fifth time.
Weapon Crate EmblemRequirement: Exfiltrate with the Weapon Case for the sixth time.
Biohazard Konig Operator SkinRequirement: Exfiltrate with the Weapon Case for the seventh time.

Radiation Zone
The radiation zone is marked with a biohazard icon on the map and has a hard and fast yellow highlighted area. This location is extremely poisonous, and you will take injury if you go inside the realm and not using a gasoline masks.

Luckily, you can get gasoline masks fairly simply in Al Mazrah. You can kill the AQ troopers in and across the radiation zone, and they’re going to drop the gasoline masks for you to equip. You may even discover sturdy gasoline masks by looting orange provide bins discovered contained in the zone. Durable gasoline masks last more than common gasoline masks.

The radiation zone begins to engulf all of Al Mazrah as soon as the 25 minutes timer ends. The radiation zone begins to get greater and larger till all of Al Mazrah has been coated by the yellow circle. As the circle touches the exfil factors, they can even maintain disappearing.
The zone can be residence to the Chemist. He is a stronghold boss discovered contained in the zone, carrying a vivid yellow hazmat swimsuit. If you kill the Chemist, you get a uncommon and distinctive M13B ‘Health Hazard’ weapon blueprint. Exfil with the weapon to have it as contraband, unlock it for future DMZ runs, and completely unlock the M13B to be used in Multiplayer and Warzone 2.
Feel free to take a look at our devoted information on buying the blueprint for your self.
Once you’re glad with the scavenged loot, you could put together for the exfil. Look for the exfil location represented by a blue icon on the tac-map.

Go to the placement, and work together with the inexperienced flare smoke to name within the chopper. It will take a couple of minutes earlier than the chopper arrives.
You could need to defend your self from the storming AQ troopers attempting to cease you from exfiltrating. Stay in cowl and fend them off till the chopper arrives. Remember, if you die, you lose all of the looted gadgets.
When the chopper arrives, you get a 35-second timer earlier than you, and your squad can board the chopper. If all of the workforce members enter the chopper, the timer is robotically diminished to 5 seconds.

You full the run of DMZ as soon as you efficiently exfil with all of your looted gadgets and money. Any gadgets that you could not have offered on the Buy Station will robotically be transformed into XP and money.


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