Meet ‘Phraser’: A New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool That Uses Machine Learning to Help Users Write Prompts for Neural Networks

According to the creators, Phraser is the one software program program on the earth that employs machine studying to help customers in creating neural community prompts. The key operate of Phraser is the way it breaks down the creation of a immediate into manageable steps, like choosing a method, content material kind, coloration, high quality, digital camera settings, and extra.

Smart search, a current addition to Phraser, operates on a database of tens of millions of pictures beforehand produced by Mid journey, Stable Diffusion, and DALLE 2.

Instead of utilizing key phrases, good search permits customers to search by the that means of the immediate and look for a number of neural networks within the outcomes. Users can immediately see how completely different key phrases and types have an effect on the output thanks to a operate that’s embedded into the immediate editor, which, in accordance to engineers, saves a tonne of money and time.


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