10 Great Video Games For Fans Of Westworld

With the season 4 finale of HBO’s formidable sci-fi sequence Westworld concluding on August 14, 2022, followers have as soon as once more been left with extra head-scratching questions than clear-cut solutions. One factor that’s sure relating to the sequence is that, if renewed, season 5 will function the ultimate slate of episodes to conclude the lofty story of A.I. rebel and takeover of humanity.

Until followers hear in regards to the destiny of season 5 of Westworld, now is an ideal time to introduce a few of the most daring and thought-provoking futuristic video video games that discover the connection between humanity, expertise, the American west, and the post-apocalyptic upheaval therein.


10 Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

In phrases of the expansive western frontier of Delos’ Westworld theme park within the TV present that enables adults to discover their most lawless fantasies with little to no penalties, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the obvious recreation for followers to check out. The mega-popular Rockstar Games action-adventure recreation follows Arthur Morgan, a gunslinging outlaw in 1899 who traverses an enormous open-world desert surroundings to finish a slew of missions, together with a rewarding bounty system.

Just like Teddy (James Marsden) or the vicarious patrons who reside out their wildest fantasies, gamers in RDR2 can rob and loot others, experience horses, go looking, and act out their worst prison impulses in probably the most unbelievable methods attainable, making the sport simply as entertaining a type of escapism because the present itself.

9 Enslaved: Odyssey To The West (2010)

Despite predating Westworld by six years, the existential battle of Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is an underrated recreation that deserves a sequel, and feels prefer it might be the precise endpoint for the HBO sequence to conclude. That is, Westworld appears headed for a post-human world the place the lone survivors develop into indentured servants to a race of AI equipment, the exact storyline featured in Enslaved.

Set 150 years right into a post-apocalyptic future ravaged by warfare, the acclaimed action-adventure recreation written by Ex-Machina director Alex Garland follows Monkey (Andy Serkis), a person who should escort Trip to security after surviving a crash by defeating a throng of sentient AI bots known as “mechs.” With a cinematic script and efficiency by Serkis, Enslaved appears like a pure continuation of Westworld’s loftiest themes.

8 Binary Domain (2012)

Those drawn particularly to the robotic rebellion in Westworld want look no additional than Binary Domain, Sega’s acclaimed third-person shooter that earned reward for its superior Artificial Intelligence system. Set in 2080 Tokyo after local weather change has left the world fully flooded, robots are assigned to carry out handbook labor. But when a number of androids disappear with their very own ulterior motives, gamers management Dan Marshall and his workforce of investigators to seek out them and uncover their plot.

Just like Westworld, a lot of the action-packed plot of Binary Domain derives from the mutinous robots who run amok. Even extra germane, the robots don’t understand they’re synthetic at first, very very like Dolores and Maeve initially of Westworld. Advancing by way of the sport reveals a dastardly company espionage plot line that’s starkly paying homage to Delos’ in Season 3 of the hit HBO sequence, making it Binary Domain very best for followers of the present.

7 Soma (2015)

Fictional Games’ Soma is a survival horror affair that explores the character of human id, consciousness, and autonomy simply as totally and thought-provokingly as Westworld. Players wander an deserted underwater analysis station and work together with a bevy of synthetic intelligence beings that refuse to imagine they’re inhuman. Players management Simon Jarrett, a fish-out-of-water cipher who should discover solutions in regards to the station’s historical past.

Aside from Jarrett resembling Caleb’s ponderous arc in Westworld Season 3, Soma options advanced and wildly unpredictable story twists, turning into extra mysterious the deeper gamers get. Thematically, Soma and Westworld could not be extra simpatico for the way in which they make the gamers/viewers work to decipher their very own clues fairly than spoon-feed solutions.

6 Mass Effect 3 (2012)

One of probably the most acclaimed motion RPG sequence of all time, Mass Effect 3 takes place in 2186, when a race of superior machine-based AI beings known as Reapers invade an intergalactic race. Commander Shepard is ordered to dealer peace between each side of the warfare, calling to thoughts Lee Sizemore in Westworld Season 2 and the hybrid Caleb in Season 3.

While a number of intriguing plot similarities will be discovered within the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trilogy, Mass Effect 3 brilliantly mines themes of autonomy, free will, the notion of selfhood, and different trenchant Westworld themes by exploring the relation of the Geth, artificial natural slaves and who revolt in opposition to their makers, the Quarians. Players make ethical choices within the recreation that have an effect on the result, calling to thoughts the moral quandaries Caleb, Lee, and others face in Westworld.

5 Fallout 4 (2015)

While Fall Out: New Vegas has a vivid western-themed RPG ambiance paying homage to Westworld’s foremost park, Fallout 4 takes the heady themes of the natural versus the inorganic to daring new ranges. Set in irradiated Massachusetts in 2287 following a nuclear cataclysm, the plot follows the sensible and philosophical conflict between people and “synths,” synthetic beings that resemble people and reside in a spot known as the Uncanny Valley.

Fallout 4 additionally contains Nuka-World, an enlargement pack set in a futuristic theme park corrupted by violent raiders, tasking gamers with exploring and questing their means by way of a morass of gangsters, bandits, outlaws, gunslingers, and different baddies the protagonist should decipher as human or artificial. As such, Westworld followers ought to have an absolute blast.

4 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016)

For these enthusiastic about figuring out because the hosts in Westworld to combat in opposition to humanity, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the way in which to go. Set within the yr 2029, Mankind Divided traces Adam Jensen, an enigmatic man on Earth with cybernetic implants known as augmentations who should determine whether or not to face with humanity or conspire with the Juggernaut Collective to advance their secret agenda.

Like Westworld’s creator Robert Ford, Mankind Divided plumbs profound themes about enjoying God and the ethical ramifications of making Man from inorganic supplies, providing though-stirring moral dilemmas in between visceral shootouts and intense melee fights. Cerebral and scintillating, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is godly certainly.

3 The Fall Series (2014-2018)

The Fall sequence goes even additional than Mankind Divided by permitting gamers to manage an (*10*) Robotic Interface Device (ARID), a sentient AI being intent on chopping its human strings whereas making an attempt to rescue an android companion. In some ways, ARID’s rebellious arc resembles Maeve’s in Westworld, particularly in seasons 3 and 4.

Aside from a really related plotline to Westworld, the immersive atmospherics and interesting puzzle-solving in The Fall are second to none, with the riveting storytelling simply as advanced, mystifying, and open-ended as something the Westworld writers have give you to date. While The Fall 2: Unbound is not fairly as satisfying, each video games current profound questions on what it means to be human.

2 Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger (2019)

Ubisoft’s highly-acclaimed online game Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is an ideal recreation for Westworld followers who need to vicariously reside by way of the violent exploits of characters like The Man in Black (Ed Harris). The western-themed FPS follows Silas Greaves, a gruff bounty hunter who earns factors by mowing down enemies as effectively as attainable.

However, the true enchantment of the sport is the reverse narrative that enables avid gamers to play by way of Silas’ previous as he relays the tales of his life to saloon patrons. The entire expertise appears like a visceral simulation of what the visitors of Westworld pay top-dollar for in seasons 1 and a couple of.

1 Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)

Despite the heap of hilarious glitches within the recreation upon launch, there isn’t any denying how reminiscent the VR-like, aesthetic world-building of Cyberpunk 2077 is of Westworld’s depiction of future Los Angeles in Season 3 (set close by in 2053). The means Caleb skulks across the metropolis in a VR haze instantly calls to thoughts how V parades across the huge open world of Night City within the sprawling motion RPG.

While the sport is much less within the existential dynamic between people and robotic AI, the futuristic depiction of how expertise can lead instantly contribute to human evolution are endlessly explorable themes in Cyberpunk 2077 and Westworld alike. Moreover, Delos’ Westworld park primarily capabilities as a quasi-escapist type of digital actuality, simply as Night City does for V all through the story.
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