Nintendo patent aims to upscale low-res images via machine learning

A handful of Nintendo patents and logos have popped up lately, and the newest patent filed by the Big N has some attention-grabbing ties to low and high-res images.

This patent particularly aims to convert lower-res images to higher-res images by means of machine learning. Now this wouldn’t give you the chance to magically convert images from blurry to pixel-perfect, however it might actually go a great distance in upscaling lesser-quality images to one thing a bit extra presentable.

There are fairly a number of Switch video games that endure from a little bit of blurriness, particularly in handheld mode. Having one thing like this upscaling could be good, and there’s little question builders may benefit from it. That stated, similar to all patents from Nintendo, you by no means know if that is one thing Nintendo is solely wanting to shield, or actively engaged on making use of to their video games.

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