Battlefield 2042 Update 3: Every Change & Fix

Battlefield 2042 has been in gamers fingers for just some weeks, however its many bugs and points are being addressed en masse by the sport’s third replace.

The launch of Battlefield 2042 has been tumultuous, to say the least, however developer DICE thus far seems dedicated to an try to show issues round with the sport’s third replace coming nearly two weeks after it launched. 2042’s official worldwide launch on November 19 is definitely an essential milestone, however gamers who bought sure editions of the sport had been in a position to play every week early, and the primary replace even dropped in the course of the finish of the early entry interval as a day one patch. A second replace was simply launched on November 25, and now what DICE has dubbed Update #3 has been delivered as of December 2.

Battlefield 2042 has launched to widespread criticism for quite a lot of points, from shaky efficiency, to gameplay design and deserted options from the FPS collection’ earlier entries. The recreation was designed as a dwell service platform, although, and whereas participant numbers are already dropping, there nonetheless appears to be some hope that 2042 will make a passable heel-turn. The recreation remains to be technically in preseason, with season one nonetheless someplace on the horizon, so there are not any main content material additions to 2042 with Update #3.
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The closest factor to new content material is the primary batch of post-launch skins for Specialists, automobiles, and weapons. They come alongside the brand new Weekly Missions function, which goals to incentivize gamers to carry out particular duties in change for XP. Players will be capable of monitor their three Weekly Missions from the primary menu, and finishing all three will award a brand new beauty merchandise. Leaks have already proven a Santa Claus pores and skin for Boris, which does not bode nicely for these hoping 2042 would hold a standard Battlefield aesthetic. The remainder of the replace is kind of sharpening the sport and squashing bugs. The record of patch notes from EA is kind of lengthy, and all mixed could considerably enhance the standard of life by way of Battlefield 2042’s present gameplay.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Matchmaking

Improved expertise of transition between End of Round screens and essential menu.Improved matchmaking stability, together with lowering cases of failed matchmaking.Improved circulate of crossplay invites.Current actions of associates at the moment are extra simply tracked.Servers ought to not enter unresponsive video games the place the spherical fails to start out.Fixes to PC good friend invites.Resolved a difficulty the place the in-game associates record would not correctly replace.Multiple modifications have been made to enhance bot behaviors.
Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Graphics, UI, & UX

Recent Players display screen now accurately shows the whole thing of the earlier lobbies in Battlefield 2042’s Update 3.”INTERACT” textual content on interactable objects now communicates the motion (i.e. “OPEN CONTAINER” and “CALL ELEVATOR”).Improvements to streaming property in deploy display screen presentation.Correct discipline of view hundreds extra shortly following starting of spherical cutscenes.Improvements made to Collection screens for readability and maneuverability, together with streamlining to scale back the variety of button presses required in load out creation.Additional polish given to Player Card and End of Round screens.New menu markers added to lately unlocked gadgets.Polished display screen transitions when going to the primary menu.Streamlined the menus for reporting gamers for toxicity and dishonest.The in-game scoreboard (nonetheless not a real, lobby-wide scoreboard) now accurately adjusts for display screen secure zones.Issues with Options menus not scrolling has been resolved.Implemented Focus restoration for screens so the centered button is remembered when re-entering a display screen.Visual results inadvertently remaining on the End of Round display screen has been mounted.Various fixes to the CommoRose, together with responsiveness, and mistakenly included or absent goals.

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Various visible flickering points had been addressed.
Water now correctly renders when aiming down sights (ADS), and water reflection points have been resolved.Added sight definition for iron sights to permit right ADS for the VCAR.Character fashions ought to now render accurately when becoming a member of a match in progress.Made enhancements to artifacts affecting DLSS implementation.Fixed flickering in El Alamein’s water whereas on deployment display screen.Aircraft ought to now at all times have the proper touchdown gear.Shooting close to water will end in right bullet influence results.The Gunner Seat within the JU-87 Stuka ought to now have correctly aligned firing visible results.PSO-1 Scope ought to not clip into the AN94.Several PP-29 weapon pores and skin points have been resolved.Made a collection of visible, audio, and gameplay enhancements to weapons, automobiles, and devices.Plus Menu customization has been streamlined.Player Card menu navigation points have been mounted.Damage indicator colours can now be modified for troopers and automobiles.Crosshair can now be displayed in three completely different thicknesses.Fixed a bug the place the colour picker preview within the Options menus confirmed solely black.Pinged objects now stay seen whereas occluded.VFX bugs for gamers becoming a member of a match in progress have been addressed.Tornado and smoke VFXs have been improved.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – HUD

UI components had been added to make clear the revive course of, each for the downed participant and the one performing the revive.New icons have been added to point out pleasant characters carrying wanted provides equivalent to well being or ammo.The map display screen now has the next decision.Enemy automobiles and troopers in Battlefield 2042 will now show well being bars at 200 and 50 meters respectively.Icons of pleasant gamers ought to now correctly disappear behind partitions, however they’ll now be seen whereas downed.Player names will now extra persistently seem.For weapons with a number of hearth modes, the hearth mode icon will now be at all times seen by default, and choices have been added to disable this, in addition to make it seem in ADS solely.Button prompts can now be disabled within the Options menus.Messages will now show informing the participant of which teammate healed or supplied ammo to them.Numerous points had been mounted with the visibility of Identify Friend or Foe markers, together with a bug the place they’d not seem with the proper colorblind choices.The HUD aspect which reminds the participant to reload will now cease pulsating after 4 seconds, and there may be now an choice to disable these prompts totally.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Audio

Local audio placement points have been addressed on a number of maps, in addition to that with regard to sandstorm audio particularly.Destruction audio has been improved.Fixed a difficulty through which sure offscreen sounds wouldn’t play, regardless that they’re inside audible proximity, together with the activation of Paik’s Scanner.Audio for weapons shot on the participant, particularly from a distance, has been improved.End of Round audio has been adjusted.Requesting a revive now triggers a ping sound with the intention to assist with location, and the sound when pinging a downed participant has additionally been adjusted.Vehicle sounds have been improved, together with gear shifts and suspensions, warning sounds when at low well being, and the sound performed when there may be an incoming missile.An audio for broken engine fires has been added.LCAA Hovercraft audio particularly has been improved to be simpler to listen to when approaching from behind.There is now a singular sound when selecting up Angel’s armor.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Animation & Models

Xbox One and PS4 ADS animations at the moment are smoother.Fixed animations typically glitching when selecting up a weapon from the bottom.Seeing one other participant melee now has improved weapon swap pace.Throwing Medical and Ammo Crates now exhibits a extra pure trajectory.Gadgets now have flip in place animations.Going inclined with legs dangling from a ledge will slowly pull the participant off.Enemies turning into 2D fashions will happen much less ceaselessly.Character legs have been moved in mid-air to extend visibility.Swimming animations have been improved, together with a difficulty the place gamers would get caught within the animation whereas on land.A bug which trigger gamers to seem to drift whereas inclined has been mounted.

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Sliding animations now correctly comply with terrain geometry.Fixed a difficulty with leaping when popping out of a crouched or inclined pose.Going inclined on a slope not prevents the participant from trying up and down.FOV settings will not misalign character fingers when climbing ladders.The participant’s personal headless character mannequin can not be seen whereas climbing ladders.The Always Traversal Sprint possibility now works as supposed, and not impacts swimming animations.Correct sprinting animations ought to now at all times show.Vehicles taking pictures a parachute ought to not harm the participant parachuting.Fixed a difficulty with a 3rd individual animation that precipitated the participant to get caught in a flip loop.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Progression

Weekly missions added (mentioned above).XP and Rank monitoring ought to now be extra dependable.Improved monitoring for Mastery ranks and Player Card components.All unlocked gadgets now not show the extent they had been acquired at.Mastery Badges at the moment are seen within the Portal Collections menu.XP is now correctly awarded for Angel resupplies.New notifications for reaching Player Card Badge and Mastery tiers.
Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Vehicles & Weapons

Jets now persistently spawn with the proper velocity and trajectory.Beginning of spherical cutscene animations for helicopters have been improved.Being killed in a automobile ought to not trigger gamers to fall by way of the map.Exiting a automobile close to a zipline or rope not causes the participant to get caught inside it.Fixed a difficulty with locked vertical aiming in automobiles when altering seats shortly after coming into.Collections menu previews for automobiles now show the proper customizations.Countermeasures ought to now extra reliably deceive incoming missiles.Exit positions for all automobiles will now be extra constant.Controller vibrations for all automobiles have been improved.Rounds fired from the 20mm Cannons on the MD540 Nightbird will not seem like frozen on influence, and the Nightbird’s weapons have been balanced.AH-64X Apache Warchief & KA-520 Super Hokum 127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Packs will not have blast impulse when fired.A bug which prevented bullets from penetrating the LCAA Hovercraft’s windshield has been mounted (however the hovercrafts are nonetheless damaged and might drive up partitions).The F-35E Panther’s restore system potential ought to now be seen within the customization menus.Vehicle increase can now be set to toggle or maintain.Vehicles not take double harm if hit by way of glass.TOW Missile Projectile conduct has been improved.The blast impulse on Attack Helicopters’ Anti-Vehicle Rockets has been eliminated and can not nudge automobiles on hit.Fixed a bug inflicting automobiles to proceed in reverse even after the button had been launched.Adjusted FOV sense of pace impact on all automobiles.Vehicles turning into caught on varied objects which eliminated all tires from the bottom ought to now be simpler to maneuver out of the state of affairs.Fixed a difficulty the place the kill digicam fell underneath the map when killed in a automobile.

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Visual hits on enemies ought to now extra reliably register, although DICE admits there are nonetheless points with regard to hit registration being investigated.The 8X scope now has the correct ADS pace.The M44 will not chamber an additional, sixth bullet in its five-bullet cylinder.Being hacked whereas in a automobile will not forestall a soldier from having the ability to shoot when again on foot.Switching again to weapons after throwing grenades will now be quicker.Unlimited, rapid-fire grenades from the 40mm under-barrel attachments is now not a doable exploit.The 40mm AP projectile now not inadvertently exhibits a proximity indicator.40mm under-barrel attachment munitions can now be resupplied.The reticle place and brightness of the PK-A and Kobra sights have been improved.Multiple modifications have been made to the NTW-50, total lowering its effectiveness towards automobiles, however rising its Anti-Material Rounds journal measurement to 5.

Audio timing has been adjusted when assassinating inclined enemies, and varied different points have been addressed when trying to strike inclined enemies.Melee vary has been diminished.Assassinations are not doable on gamers climbing a ladder.Performing a melee on an unoccupied automobile will now nudge it, which can assist when one will get caught.Using melee will not launch gamers into the air, nor trigger them to enter a damaged state if achieved in water.A bug relating the digicam when utilizing melee on a transferring platform has been mounted.Players can not launch themselves throughout the map by leaping from a ladder and hitting the melee button.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Specialists

Players in want of armor will now have a white define, which additionally signifies the place the throwing magnetism mechanic will ship Angel’s Supply Bag. It may even now goal friendlies low on ammo, and never simply low on armor.Supply Bag can now be self-administered by gamers utilizing Angel.A brand new hand gesture has been added for putting Angel’s Loadout Crate, and it could possibly not be known as in underneath tall buildings.More than 4 load outs at the moment are obtainable in a Loadout Crate, however the settle down timer for a number of makes use of is now shared throughout all crates.Visual results on spawning and destroying the Loadout Crate have been improved.

The SG-36 Sentry Gun is now destroyed when the participant dies, not when they’re downed.The Sentry Gun can now extra reliably goal enemy troopers which might be close to automobiles.
The OV-P Recon Drone can now be extra reliably deployed from a inclined place.Enemy Recon Drones now have lights to enhance their visibility.Exiting the Recon Drone will swap gamers again to their earlier weapon routinely.The Drone’s EMP trace message has been improved to make clear the necessity for a lock on.The EMP itself now has an elevated vary, and the lock-on mechanic is extra dependable.The Recon Drone’s motion pace and hitbox measurement have each been elevated.The recognizing space on the Drone’s digicam has been enlarged, and the radius for recognizing enemies close to the Drone itself has been adjusted.

Multiple points with Dozer’s ballistic protect have been addressed: not blocking bullets in elevators, inflicting Dozer to be un-targetable by Boris’ SG-36 Sentry Gun and AI bots, denying gamers with it geared up entry into automobiles, making reviving of Dozer tougher, killing Dozer ensuing within the killer being awarded the sufferer’s canine tag, and launching melee’d gamers into the air.Bullets deflected with Dozer’s protect now do much less harm, and the headshot multiplier on them has been eliminated.
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Using Irish’s deployable cowl now has its animation when switching to him through the Portal SetPlayerSoldier command.Irish’s preview video for his devices has been up to date.The deployable cowl can now be extra reliably positioned on angled surfaces, and its icon will correctly show on the mini map.

Altering discipline of view settings will not misalign the Grappling Hook’s rope.Bugs relating to the vaulting animation after utilizing the Grappling Hook have been resolved.The Grapple Gun’s harm has been diminished, although utilizing it on smoke and tornadoes should still be doable.
A sound impact now performs when being scanned by Paik’s EMG-X Scanner.The Scanner now spots enemies above and under Paik.The Scanner can not be utilized in automobiles.The “goal discovered” audio for the Scanner now works in extra of 20 meters.
There is now a brief grace interval for the Cyber Warfare Suite’s hacking course of when one thing momentarily interrupts line of sight, equivalent to bushes.The “enemy hacked” voice over will now not play at incorrect occasions.

The scatter grenade now detonates after its first bounce.Anti-armor grenades will not circle in mid-air when the goal used countermeasures.The Repair Tool crosshair will not be seen if it was held earlier than deploying Sundance’s Wingsuit.A bug has been mounted that put flying gamers in first-person if redeploying the Wingsuit in mid-air.
When the magnetism operate is concentrating on gamers for the S21 Syrette Pistol, it’s going to now play a lock on and lock off audio cue, and the focused gamers will no be outlined in white.Being healed by the Syrette Pistol now has VFX and audio suggestions.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Gadgets

Destroying a Ranger now has a extra pure animation.Rangers will now extra reliably comply with the participant that known as it in after the participant had been downed.Gadget cool downs not pause when coming into a automobile.Gadgets now correctly transfer alongside elevators they’re in.Carl Gustaf, RPG, Wildcat AA missiles, and Bolte missiles will not instantly re-lock onto automobiles after mentioned automobile deployed flares.Grenades can now be thrown by way of glass on Orbital.The CG Recoilless M5’s lock on with SOFLAM is now correctly interrupted if the goal automobile deploys flares.The Recoilless M5’s vary finder and time of flight info has been improved.The C5 Explosive blast harm is now extra constant on transferring automobiles, its server- and client-side places at the moment are correctly in sync, and might now be detonated extra shortly after being thrown.When switching to a different merchandise whereas zoomed in with the SOFLAM, its HUD components will now correctly disappear.The SOFLAM’s tooltip is now correctly aligned.Anti-Tank Mines and different deployable will now play their audio cues when used inside a automobile.Medical and Ammo Crates will not have a bug that triggers their settle down when the participant reaches max HP.Medical and Ammo Crates may be thrown extra shortly after choosing them.A bug stopping the resupply animation from triggering for getting devices from an Ammo Crate has been mounted.Smoke grenades will now bounce as soon as earlier than detonation, and might now be reliably destroyed by bullets and explosions (there is no repair for the menu display screen cancellation glitch).Frag Grenade warning indicators will not disappear behind different HUD components.Repair Tool can not repair a automobile it’s not being aimed toward, however it’s now quicker to equip and put away the Repair Tool.Picking up an Insertion Beacon now correctly triggers an audio cue, EMPs now block Insertion Beacon spawns, and the merchandise seems on the bottom with a extra reasonable delay.The FXM-33 AA Missile reload sound is now synced with its reload animation, and reloading now takes longer.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Maps

A big number of particular person, map-specific modifications had been made to each map.Fixed Kaleidoscope server room lighting.Bridges on Kaleidoscope will now be of their correct positions for gamers becoming a member of in progress.Destructible silos on Renewal and Orbital will now be within the right state when gamers take part progress.Elevators now correctly work together with Boris’ SG-36 Sentry Gun.Geometry points have been addressed throughout all maps, which ought to scale back cases of gamers turning into caught on terrain or objects, together with in automobiles.Resolved a number of spawning points.Multiple visible glitches, equivalent to lens flares and visual seams within the skydome, have been resolved.Various points with collision and merchandise placement have been resolved.Various collision points throughout giant scale animations have been addressed.The timing for computerized doorways has been adjusted.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changes – Game Modes

All-Out Warfare
Messages relating to flag state modifications in Conquest will now be extra rare in an try to scale back info spam.Capture occasions in Breakthrough have been tuned.Defenders ought to now have safer spawn areas.A Game Mode Widget has been added to Battlefield 2042’s Breakthrough mode to assist gamers monitor the sport’s progress, with an emphasis on sectors and attacker reinforcements.Elapsed time may be seen on this scoreboard and on the deployment display screen.Attacker ticket rely will now have a pulsating impact when under 25 %.Better indication that the attackers have reached the ultimate sector, and each time the defenders lose a sector.End of Round display screen ought to now show right scores for the attacking crew.

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Hazard Zone
1,000 Dark Market Credits at the moment are awarded for each day first match.Dark Market Credits visible presentation has been improved.Enemy squad names have been faraway from the Squad and Players display screen.Scoreboard not exhibits enemy gamers.Extraction Zones have been given extra flares for visibility, and extra cowl.There are extra spawn places for the preliminary Data Capsules, and so they can now maintain extra Data Drives. Additionally, they’ll solely spawn 4 to 6 Opposing Forces.Data Drive Scanner is now extra correct, with improved enemy identification. Additionally, bugged audio cues not happen randomly.Resolved a difficulty the place two groups are in a position to extract concurrently.Players ought to now at all times be alerted when they’re being scanned.Data Drives at the moment are simpler to select up.A distance readout has been added to Extraction Zone.End of spherical digicam placement improved.Pressing the Modify button within the foyer now takes gamers to the Perk tab. Drones contained in the extraction Condor will now be destroyed upon leaving.Eliminating a whole enemy squad now awards bonus XP.The Redeploy icon is now a part of the soldier and automobile world icon.Resolved a difficulty that allowed gamers to select up extra Data Drives than their most carry capability.End of spherical sequence ought to now set off accurately, and bonus XP must be correctly awarded.A participant being tabbed out not stops the foyer countdown from beginning.Lobby abstract info now takes much less display screen area.Remaining steadiness of earned Dark Market Credits now has an animation and audio cue when altering.Tactical Items tab is now a single tab within the foyer, and readability of choice has been improved.Locked gadgets at the moment are extra simply discernible.Players at the moment are in a position to stop from the pre-lobby display screen whereas ready for others to hitch.Fixed a number of points with the voice over audio.Missing music upon squad elimination is now current.

The seven Battlefield 2042 maps have been given Rush layouts in Portal.New official recreation mode templates for Team Deathmatch, Team and Free-For-All Gun Master, and Infection.Portal Rules Editor can now detect what weapon a participant was killed by with the intention to apply extra Logic.SetTeamId block is now usable with AI.Pause menu now has server info, and the choice to report a server.Server admins can now write periodic server messages.Server Settings display screen has been simplified.Incorrect bullet unfold whereas ADSing instantly after sprinting has been resolved.Maximum human gamers in free-for-all recreation modes will now show accurately.Maps now have distinctive loading music.Vehicles set to have low max well being will not spawn on hearth.Aircraft now show right weaponry.UI indicator has been added to Rush to point when the subsequent sector opens.Fixed a visible situation whereas reloading the next launchers: RPG-7, SMAW, Bazooka, and Panzerschreck.Many bug fixes and balances for weapons, automobiles, and devices from particular basic Battlefield titles in Portal.An situation the place the HUD could be invisible when leaving one Portal recreation and becoming a member of one other has been mounted.

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