Back 4 Blood December Update Adds Offline Progression, Holiday Content, & More

Turtle Rock Studios has a protracted roadmap deliberate for Back 4 Blood, which can come within the type of DLC and free updates. The studio not too long ago shared the contents of a kind of updates scheduled for December 16 at 10 a.m. PT. This patch will add offline development, a brand new card sort, some holiday-themed content material, a Ridden coaching space, and rather more.RELATED: How Back 4 Blood Is Trying to Build the Biggest Audience PotentialOffline development is likely one of the greatest additions within the upcoming replace. Turtle Rock didn’t give many particulars, however customers will presumably be capable of stack Supply Points and earn or achievements or trophies whereas taking part in solo. The recreation shipped with a reasonably anemic solo providing, forcing gamers to primarily play with out gaining progress of any sort. The AI bots that accompany the participant may even be randomized.But that is only one a part of the big patch. Along with the three new playing cards, there may even be an entire new card sort: Burn Cards. These playing cards that may be performed in every Safe House will likely be within the Roving Merchants Supply Lines and might yield short-term buffs like “immediate therapeutic, foreign money boosts, growing resistances, and extra.”A vacation seasonal occasion is one more noteworthy bullet level within the patch. It will add a number of festive cosmetics to the sport along with decorations round Fort Hope and the firing vary proper outdoors of it. The firing vary may even now let gamers check out the Ridden in a protected house and discover their talents.RELATED: Interview: Back 4 Blood Dev Explains Why Game Pass Is So Important for the GameTurtle Rock has completed quite a bit to the sport on this replace, as famous by the intensive patch notes, that are listed under.Back 4 Blood December 16 Update Patch NotesNEW FEATURESOffline Campaign with ProgressionNew Supply Lines – Roving MerchantsTime-limited monitor added that gives new unlocks to spend Supply Points onNew Card Type – Burn CardsNew card sort added that’s out there via the Roving Merchants Supply LinesThis card sort could be performed in every Saferoom to realize short-term results like immediate therapeutic, foreign money boosts, growing resistances, and extraHoliday Seasonal OccasionHoliday decorations added to Fort Hope and the Firing RangeUnlockable seasonal character skins, weapon skins, emblems, and sprays addedNew (non-Burn) CardsBelt Clip – Increase Quickslot Inventory by 1Utility Belt -Increase Quickslot Inventory by 2. -10% Damage DealtTool Belts – Increase Team Quickslot Inventory by 1Ridden Practice Area added to Fort HopeChoice added to play as a Ridden whereas in Fort Hope to apply combating and exploring Mutation abilitiesBots that accompany the participant in Solo Campaign are randomizedUltrawide improvementsStat monitoring now enabled in TrainingNodesk bug repair: Fixed an exploit that allowed gamers to duplicate offensive utility gadgetsNodesk bug repair: Fixed an exploit that allowed gamers to pick out duplicates as a substitute of 1 cardCAMPAIGN UPDATESGeneralDeveloper Note: We made the next adjustments to make the controls on PC really feel extra snappy.Increase participant acceleration to 2100 (was 1900)Brake friction to 7 (was 6.5)Player begins with max ammo when starting a runCleaner hitboxes are extra correct, decreasing unintentional pleasant hearthAim help when focusing on armored commons is improvedFriendly hearth harm not will increase with every weapon tierHealing Efficiency now improves short-term healingBots now maintain their current stock and improve their weapons with every mapMade enhancements to saving particular person matchmaking settings in Quickplay, Campaign, and Training runsAdded clarification to the “Leave Game” immediate whereas in a partySmoothed out participant collision close to the Ogre’s spawn pointsZWAT achievements now additionally grant the ZWAT Team titleAdded one extra card draw to Acts 2 and 3Improved the navigation of huge Special Ridden between the primary and second aims on Search and Rescue: A Clean SweepThe jukebox can not be broken after the final bus is loaded on Search and Rescue: Bar Room BlitzThe remaining analysis packing containers will likely be highlighted after a sure period of time has handed on Dr. Rogers’ (*4*): T-5Improved navigation for Special Ridden inside the saferoom on Dr. Rogers’ (*4*): Garden PartyMade enhancements to collision across the mortuary for Ridden and Cleaners on Remnants: A Friend in WantAdjusted the waypoint for the gate goal on Remnants: The Road to HellAdded extra spots for Ridden to enter the quarantine space if the a technique door is closed on Remnants: The Road to HellReadjusted the looks of an NPC in Job 10:22: Heralds of the Worm, Part 1 for consistency in Campaign and Training modesConfirmation is now given instantly after reporting a playerChanges have been made to the CreditSpeed Card Updates Developer Note: We seen that the usage of pace operating decks was creating pressure between gamers as a single participant would make the most of a pace operating deck to separate from the remainder of their workforce to hurry forward to complete the extent.  We made the next adjustments to deliver pace operating extra according to the viability of different methods and builds. Evasive – Speed lowered to fifteen% (from 20%)Fleet of Foot – Move Speed bonus lowered to eight% (was 10%)Fleet of Foot – Damage Resistance commerce off elevated to -7% (was -5%)Mad Dash – Stamina Efficiency lowered to -40% (was -30%)Olympic Sprinter – Damage Resistance commerce off elevated to -7% (was -5%)Pep in your Step – Move Speed bonus lowered to eight% (was 10%)Rhythmic Breathing – Stamina bonus lowered to 40% (was 60%)Rhythmic Breathing – Now +40% Stamina, eliminated downside -20% gradual resistanceRun Like Hell – Changed to take away the Move Speed buff for 3 seconds when getting hitRun Like Hell – Move Speed bonus lowered to 12% (was 15%)Speed Demon – Move Speed bonus lowered to 4% (was 6%)Stimulants – Card Refactored. No longer offers transfer pace. Now offers 20% stamina regeneration, elevated reload to fifteen% (was 10%), & elevated swap pace to fifteen% (was 10%)Combat Card UpdatesDeveloper Note: We acquired suggestions that gamers didn’t really feel that gradual and regular fight was as viable as different methods. Additionally, we needed to stability the adjustments to hurry operating normally. We’ve refactored and buffed the next fight playing cards to make fight extra viable.Cold Brew Coffee – Now ADS Speed +25%, Weapon Swap +25% ,Use Speed +25%, Reload Speed +15%Combat Training – Removed 50% bullet penetration. Added +1 bullet stumble and +5 melee stumbleCombat Training – Now +5% bullet harm, +25% Bullet StumbleEnergy Drink – Stamina lowered to fifteen% (was 40%), Removed -5% harm resistance, Added Weapon Swap +25%, Move pace whereas firing +15%, Slow resistance +10%Highwayman – Tooltip replace to incorporate all secondary weapons, ammo probability elevated to three% (was 2%), now has an opportunity to spawn MolotovsLarge Caliber Rounds – Now +7.5% bullet harm harm, +200% bullet pen, penalty removedLine ‘Em Up – Now Range fall off +10%, Recoil Control +15, Bullet Pen +25%, ADS pace +25%. No longer requires ARsMarathon Runner – No longer disables dashDeveloper Note: Intent with that is to allow kiting.Mugger – Ammo probability elevated to three% (was 2%), now has an opportunity to drop razor wirePatient Hunter – Reduced time per stack to 0.75 (was 1)Power Swap – Effect can not be stackedPower Swap – Weapon swap window elevated to 1 second (was 0.75)Power Reload – Reload window elevated to 1 second (was 0.75)Silver Bullets – Now +10% bullet harm, +15% to vary falloff, penalty removedSteady Aim – Added a stacking buff whereas ADS with that offers 10/20/30% recoil discount over 2.25 secondsTunnel Vision – Added stat that will increase weak spot harm the longer participant is in ADS 5/10/15% over 2.25 secondsTeam Ammo (Vendor card) – Now additionally offers +1% elevated harmWell Fed – Removed 20% stamina effectivityHealing Card UpdatesDeveloper Note: In addition to the fight card buffs, we’ve made the next adjustments and buffs to therapeutic playing cards.Fresh Bandage – Now heals 15 well being at the beginning of every degreeFresh Bandage – Trauma restoration elevated to fifteen (was 10)Developer Note: This was buffed to mitigate the lack of trauma heal on Experienced EMTGroup Therapy – Heal elevated to eight (was 5)Life Insurance – Life lowered to 1 (was 2), Now reduces workforce incap trauma by 15%, Remove copper lossNeeds of the Many – Health penalty lowered to -10 (was -20%)Pep Talk – Now offers 3 flat harm resistance from all sources whereas reviving & grants 10 well being to the revived goalSaferoom Recovery – Now additionally heals 15 well being and trauma restoration as much as 7 (was 5)Developer Note: This was buffed to mitigate the lack of trauma heal on Experienced EMTGeneral Card UpdatesThe playing cards Share the Wealth, Box O’ Bags, Surplus Pouches, Experienced EMT, and Saferoom Recovery not apply their results a further time after a workforce wipeDeveloper Note: We recognized a bug the place plenty of playing cards had been utilized extra or not as meant after a workforce wipe.  Team ammo playing cards on the seller now give a 1% harm increaseAdrenaline Fueled – Card Refactored. No longer offers bonus stamina, not lowered stamina regen, not offers immediate stamina, fueled stamina regen now stacks 5 occasions and provides 7 stamina over 7 secondsAmmo Mule – No longer disables help gadgets, however lowers transfer pace by 5%Bounty Hunter – Updated textual content to say contributing workforce killsExperienced EMT – Card Refactored. Bonus Health lowered to 10% (was 20%), now additionally will increase Stamina and Stamina Regen 10%Card was refactored to make it usable in additional conditions. Experienced EMT – No longer heals traumaDeveloper Note: Due to the bug repair the place this card was making use of its impact greater than meant, this ended up therapeutic trauma which was not meant. We have buffed different playing cards equivalent to Fresh Bandage and Saferoom Recovery to mitigate this transformation in addition to including a free first assist cupboard recharge to Nightmare.Energy Bar – Stamina Regen elevated to 30% (was 20%)Hyper-Focused – Adjusted penalty to -40% transfer pace whereas capturing or melee attacking (was -75% ADS transfer pace)Wooden Armor – No longer will increase explosion harm takenCorruption Card UpdatesCorruption Boss playing cards will not seem at the beginning of an ActDeveloper Note: These playing cards had been inflicting an issue spike in all difficulties. We need gamers to have extra time to organize for bosses and later chapters. Hag will not spawn with The Fog corruption cardDeveloper Note: The Hag was stacking with boss aims, inflicting an issue spike in all difficulties.Fog’s most density lowered for Gloom and The Fog corruption cardsBreakers faraway from all difficulties of Search and Rescue: Book WormsBalance UpdatesAll weapons set to have the identical Aim Assist snap length-durationAim Assist now locks onto the middle of Sleeper base as a substitute of the physiqueAim snap time lowered to 0.1 seconds (was 0.25)Made Aim Assist really feel smoother when aiming at targetsBird’s well being lowered to 1 (was 10)Flash Grenade harm lowered to 1 (was 5)M16’s harm elevated to 16 (was 14)Burst M9’s harm elevated to 12 (was 10)Razor Wire is now a Quick Slot itemMP5 – Fire price elevated to 50%Developer Note: decreased performance was not meant, the MP5 is now according to expectations.870 – Fire price lowered to 0.40 (was 0.55)Combat Knife – Increased fight assault widthLightweight Stock – Blue attachment motion pace buff lowered to +7.5% (was +10%)Lightweight Stock – Purple attachment motion pace buff lowered to +10% (was +15%)Nightmare and the capturing vary in Fort Hope now multiply base pleasant hearth harm values by 2xBalance Updates – Difficulty ParticularDeveloper Note: One of our targets this patch is to lower the disparity between the varied difficulties so there isn’t as a lot of a leap from Recruit to Veteran to Nightmare.Recruit:Player base harm resist elevated to 25% (was 20%)Continue foreign money bonus elevated to 300 (was 250)Continue Heal bonus elevated to 75 (was 25)Continue Trauma heal bonus elevated to 25 (was 20)Veteran:Rescaled pleasant hearth valuesSleepers not name hordesPlayer base harm elevated to 120% (was 100%)Player base Health elevated to 115 (was 100)Player Base ammo capability elevated 120% (was 100%)Trauma heals per protected room +5 (was 0)Continue foreign money bonus elevated to 200 (was 150)Continue Heal bonus elevated to 25 (was 15)First assist cupboard free use elevated to 2 (was 1)Nightmare:Rescaled pleasant hearth valuesFirst assist cupboard free use elevated to 1 (was 0)Special Ridden harm lowered by 35% (was 75%)Common harm lowered by 50% (was 100%)Nightmare additional trauma from incap lowered to five (was 10)Reduce nightmare stumble resist on nightmare 25% (was 40%)Reduced nightmare Special Ridden well being buff to 7.5% (was 15%)Continue foreign money bonus elevated to 100 (was 0)Continue Heal bonus elevated to 10 (was 0)Continue Trauma heal bonus elevated to five (was 0)Continue Card draw bonus elevated to 1 (was 0)Continue Ammo bonus elevated to fifteen% (was 0)Extra incap trauma lowered to 7 (was 10)Spawning UpdatesThroughout limitless Hordes and back-to-back hordes, all Horde Special Ridden are restricted to 2 of a given sort and a most of 4Added a Horde Special Ridden cooldownDeveloper Note: This helps keep away from the doubling of Special Ridden when a number of hordes are triggered.Timed Hordes made to have an extended minimal resume time of 60 seconds (was 30) excluding customized occasions.Developer Note: If you triggered a horde whereas having a timed horde, it was attainable to have the timed horde set off too quickly after the preliminary horde.Roaming Special Ridden max rely now 4 (was 6)Developer Note: Limits the potential Special Ridden counts in sure conditions.Reduced probability for all Tallboy variants on Veteran and Nightmare difficultiesIncreased Roaming Special Ridden minimal spawn distance to 30m (was 20m)Increased Wander Special Ridden minimal spawn distance to 10m (was 5m)Ridden AI UpdatesBlighted Ridden not deal immediate explosion harm once they dieSpecial Ridden’s protection in opposition to bullet penetration to weak spots has been loweredSleepers will extra precisely join with their targetsTallboy & Bruiser hit packing containers are extra correct and their weak spots are simpler to hitDeveloper Note: we cleaned up the Tallboy’s hit packing containers to make them simpler to hit.  It ought to now be attainable to hit their weak spot from the entrance when you have a exact weapon.Developer Note: The following adjustments make their assaults a bit extra forgiving to dodge.Tallboy & Bruiser Overhead assault harm radius lowered to 200 models (was 250)Tallboys have much less means to show throughout a Burst traversalDecreased Crusher squeeze connect distance for squeeze assault to 200 models (was 300)Retch’s efficient vary in meters decreased to 22 (was 25), monitoring and ramp up time adjusted to work higherRetch will rotate barely slower and can monitor the goal for barely longer throughout vomit assault (2.25 seconds from 1.6)Retch projectile spray begins at a decrease velocity now (75% of max as a substitute of 90% of max) and ramps as much as max velocity over an extended time frame (0.75 seconds as a substitute of 0.4 seconds)Exploder’s explosion radius is now seen to the Ridden participantDeveloper Note: With the next adjustments, the Hocker’s means shouldn’t be used as a lot, must be simpler to dodge, and you shouldn’t take as a lot harm if an assault landed.Hocker pin projectile pace lowered to 2500 (was 3500)Hocker pin miss cooldown elevated to eight seconds (was 0)Hocker pin hit cooldown elevated to eight seconds (was 2)Hocker preliminary harm lowered to five (was 10)Hocker harm over time elevated to three (was 2)Hag well being lowered to 7500 (8200)Hag weak spot multiplier elevated to 2.25 (was 2)Stinger projectile cooldown whereas perched elevatedDeveloper Note: When the Stinger was perched, there was no cooldown on her projectile so she was capable of quickly assault Cleaners.SWARM PVP UPDATESGeneralFacial icons now seem when Ridden gamers ping CleanersAll Cleaner dialogue for pinging Special Ridden is now audible to Ridden playersSurvivor nameplates are seen to Ridden gamersCard UpdatesInspiring Sacrifice – Sound results quantity lowered when impact is activeBalance UpdatesBasicAdded leaver penalty warning popup in Fort Hope after leaving a PvP matchCleanersCleaners now begin every spherical with full ammoRiddenMutation Points from gamers that disconnect in Swarm mode are actually redistributed to their remaining teammatesEach participant’s Mutation Points are actually seen on their social gathering framesHocker pin length lowered again to 7 seconds (was displaying 9999 on some pins)Hocker pin harm lowered preliminary harm to five (was 10), elevated the harm over time to three (was 2)CONTROLLER UPDATESAim Assist Strength slider has been changed by two separate sliders for Aim Assist Friction and Aim Assist Magnetism for Gamepad within the Options menuAdded choices for Camera Acceleration (On/Off), Camera Movement (Linear/Exponential), and Player Movement (Linear/Exponential) to the Gamepad tab within the Options menuUI/UX UPDATESCleaners being pursued by a Hag will now see a corresponding display impact to point thisCan now simply duplicate decks within the Deck Manager“Camera Smoothing Duration” has a slider added within the Options menuField of View choices sliders separated for Cleaners and Ridden within the Graphics Options menuFOV settings higher help Ultrawide/ Multimonitor configurationsAdded an choice to toggle Blood / Vomit / Mud Drench within the Options menuAdded an choice to set “Audio Input Device” within the Audio Options menuThe “Mute All” choice is now toggled off mechanically whenever you return to Fort HopeToggling VOIP on/off in choices will allow/disable the opposite voice-related choices & quantity sliders. Warning message will say why it’s disabledImproved the distinction and brightness of graphics on Xbox Series XJukebox tracks are actually managed by the Music slider as a substitute of the SFX sliderSubtitles are actually off by defaultSocial menu can now be introduced up by choosing a participant’s personal banner within the Campaign menuUpdates to NVidia DLSS requires NVidia Driver 471.11 or laterBUG FIXESFORT HOPEGeneralFixed a difficulty the place gamers weren’t capable of rejoin a non-public social gathering from one other participant’s Fort HopeFixed a difficulty the place harm numbers didn’t seem after altering characters in Fort HopeFixed a difficulty the place the goal dummy wouldn’t present constant harm numbers in Fort HopeFixed digital camera view not resetting correctly after dying whereas aiming down sights in Fort HopeFixed a difficulty the place utilizing the “Toggle Active Cards” key might disable the participant’s HUD in Fort HopeFixed a difficulty the place weapon skins weren’t at all times displaying correctly in first individual at Fort HopeCAMPAIGNCardsFixed Avenge The Fallen card displaying an infinite quantity of things within the offensive slot when energeticFixed Blood Donor card not taking part in its sound results for the proper length of timeFixed Buckshot Bruiser decreasing regular heal when short-term well being decayed over timeFixed Evasive Action card’s impact not triggering when the participant was stomped by an OgreFixed Field Surgeon card not making use of the right quantity of detrimental use paceFixed Life Insurance card subtracting extra copper than meant after a workforce wipeFixed Money Grubbers card having a discrepancy with the cardboard valuesFixed Multitool card not making use of -5% Damage resistanceFixed Rousing Speech card having an incorrect incap trauma resistance of 80% as a substitute of 20percentGeneralFixed a difficulty the place a late becoming a member of participant’s possession of a personality might be misplaced if one other participant late joined the sportFixed a difficulty the place the The Lightning Strike pores and skin for the Hatchet didn’t seem in third individualFixed a difficulty with the Combat Pro pores and skin not displaying accurately on the Beretta M9Fixed a difficulty the place precision kill buffs weren’t activated from participant and deck playing cardsFixed a difficulty with all melee playing cards that didn’t operate correctly after a kill activationFixed a difficulty with Molotov flames not doing the correct quantity of injury to RiddenFixed a difficulty the place leaping whereas sprinting wouldn’t eat extra staminaFixed a difficulty the place Gunfire sound results endured on splash screens when the social gathering host left the sportFixed an issued the place the participant’s digital camera could snap as much as 180° when coming into ADSFixed harm numbers showing twice when capturing at Ridden weakspotsFixed the lacking low ammo indicator when the clip is low, however ammo pool is infiniteFixed sure weapon upgrades growing harm by 25% when it ought to have been 20% and adjusted tier 1 weapon harm to compensate for this transformationFixed a difficulty inflicting gamers to goal down sights if the “Hold to ADS” choice was off whereas therapeutic a teammateFixed a difficulty the place the “Give Up” immediate that was not correctly displaying when the participant was incapped a second time after taking up an incapped botFixed a difficulty the place bots had been capable of free one another remotelyFixed a difficulty the place bots would lose their equipment after a degree transitionFixed a difficulty the place AI character playing cards stopped working after a workforce wipeFixed a difficulty the place NPCs took pleasant hearth harm on Recruit issueFixed a difficulty the place NPCs in saferooms are killable by gamersFixed a difficulty the place the secondary goal timer might cease counting down after accessing the sellerFixed a difficulty that would end in 5+ gamers in a match when a participant late joinedFixed a difficulty with shotgun reload animations taking part in a number of occasionsFixed a difficulty the place gamers didn’t obtain act achievements and accomplishments if a participant died earlier than reaching the saferoomFixed a difficulty with participant shadows when illuminated by flashlights throughout The Dark and Gloom corruption playing cardsFixed a difficulty the place participant loadouts weren’t being saved once they depart and rejoin after a map transitionFixed a difficulty the place gamers might nonetheless shoot whereas grabbed by the OgreFixed a difficulty the place the completion date might disappear from accomplished achievements when shopping the Accomplishments menuFixed icons for accomplishments that weren’t updating correctly within the Accomplishments menuThe Devil’s Return: ResurgenceFixed a uncommon concern the place the bridge lacked collisionThe Devil’s Return: The CrossingFixed a difficulty inflicting Coach to not give C4 immediately to gamers that had been all gathered on the bridgeFixed a difficulty the place Coach was not giving gamers the C4 costs when gamers had been greater than midway throughout the bridgeSearch and Rescue: Book WormsFixed a difficulty that was stopping gamers from rescuing teammates from a rescue pod situated on the second flooring of the libraryJob 10:22: Heralds of the Worm, Part 1Fixed a difficulty the place multiple Ogre card performed per map after a workforce wipedDark Before the Dawn: Special SupplyFixed a difficulty the place the provision field might disappear within the saferoomBlue Dog Hollow: Bad SeedsFixed a difficulty the place the kill feed was reporting the wrong supply of injury when gamers died within the riverBlue Dog Hollow: DesertedFixed a difficulty stopping bots from reaching the tow truckBlue Dog Hollow: The Sound of ThunderFixed collision points with Ridden on the HowitzerPlan B: The Broken FowlFixed a difficulty inflicting the helicopter to be misalignedDr. Rogers’ (*4*): Farther AfieldFixed outlines for NPCs remaining on display after the participant was an applicable distance away from the saferoomDr. Rogers (*4*): Cabins by the LakeFixed a difficulty that prompted the sport coach to repeat after delivering the battery to the gateDr. Rogers’ (*4*): Blazing TrailsFixed a difficulty inflicting the Ogre to develop into caught and unresponsiveDr. Rogers’ (*4*): T-5Fixed a crash that would happen when the participant stop to Fort HopeRemnants: Making the GradeFixed a difficulty inflicting [BOT] Holly to not have a deckFixed a difficulty the place gamers might lose the battery if it was dropped in sure areasRiddenFixed a difficulty the place the Hag performed the unsuitable animation when affected by a flash grenadeFixed Ferocious Stalkers not therapeutic whereas dealing harmFixed a difficulty the place Stinger dying sound results didn’t at all times playFixed a difficulty the place Hocker sound results might nonetheless be heard after its dyingFixed a difficulty that was permitting bots to proceed transferring whereas they had been pinned by the Hocker’s Impale assaultFixed Blighted Ridden sound results, which now solely play whereas the Blighted card is energeticFixed a difficulty inflicting Ridden corpses to be lacking half their physique upon dyingFixed a difficulty the place hearth results didn’t show on Hags hit with a molotovSWARM PVPRiddenFixed a difficulty the place Ridden spawn visible results didn’t seemFixed Tallboy’s Tier 3 Utility improve to reset correctly after every overhead assaultFixed a difficulty the place playable Reekers and their variants might develop into caught inside collision when charging and mantling over objectsFixed the Stinger’s Kill Frenzy impact to final 10 secondsACCESSIBILITYGeneralFixed the crimson textual content on incap when gamers have Protanopia chosen because the colorblind settingsUI/UXGeneralFixed a difficulty the place gamers had been unable to replay the tutorial from the primary menuFixed HUD not displaying correctly on Ultrawide resolutionsFixed a difficulty with the look of loading screens on Ultrawide resolutionsFixed the out there quantity of resolutions when in windowed mode when utilizing a 21:9 monitorFixed Supply Lines and Character Selection screens not displaying correctly on Ultrawide resolutionsFixed a difficulty with the distinction ranges of the distinction sliderFixed a difficulty the place weapons didn’t mechanically swap from the first to the secondary when out of ammo whereas “Auto Switch Weapons On Depleted Ammo” was toggled on within the choices menuMUXY – TWITCH EXTENSIONFeaturesName a Ridden characteristic has been augmented to permit the Broadcaster to see seen nameplates in-game for viewers who’ve used bits to call a RiddenBroadcasters can disable nameplates within the configuration web page of the extensionAdded extra choices for BitsBroadcasters can now see how many individuals have voted in a card pollBug FixesFixed a bug stopping viewers names being related to Ridden who killed Cleaners within the kill feedFix for Windows Store Builds that was stopping Authentication with the ExtensionFixed a bug that was inflicting the Name a Ridden characteristic to have duplicate names for a single viewer transaction 

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